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Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy

The Esperance Town Centre Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy is open for submissions until 24 March. The strategy was developed with community consultation and this is an opportunity to provide comment on the finding. The working strategy provides guidelines for a well connected town centre that will attract economic investment, social activity and cultural diversity and aims to help with the flow of vehicles and traffic. It covers broad issues such as street and offsite parking, signage for parking, potential crosswalks and encourage people to walk through town.

Submissions on the Strategy can be made in writing in an email addressed to the CEO or by completing a submission form available on the Shire website. Hard copies can be delivered to Shire of Esperance, PO Box 507, Esperance WA 6450 by 4.00pm, Friday 24 March 2017. Copies of this Strategy can be obtained from the Shire Administration Office or visit Current Consultations for more information.