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Missing Beach Signs

With the recent spate of shark sightings along our coast we would like to remind everyone  that sightings should be reported to the Water Police on 9442 8600. This is the central coordinating agency that forwards relevant information to local service providers. This could include Esperance Fisheries Officers, Shire of Esperance Officers, State Emergency Services personnel and both DPAW and Shire Rangers. The location and number of sightings is recorded. The Shire are notified of reported sightings and warnings are issued via the Shire of Esperance Facebook page.

Local Rangers are responsible for putting up Beach Closed signs when sightings are reported. Please note these warnings and respect the reason behind why they are in place. 'Beach Closed' and 'Shark recently sighted in the area’ signs are a safety precaution to protect our beach goers and make sure they have accurate information. Unfortunately some people feel the need to remove these signs and either take them home or destroy them. The impact these actions may have on others, who were not aware a warning was in place could potentially be devastating. 

Please leave all signage in place, you may be prepared to take risks (or you might want a new wall hanging) but your actions prevent others from being able to make the same choice.

We have access to some of the most amazing beaches in the world and how we use them ensures both their safety and ours.

For more information on shark activity visit the Sharksmart website.