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Potential New Waste Facility Site

Council has entered into a preliminary contract for a new potential Waste Facility site. The site has successfully passed all initial tests and will now undergo more intensive testing to determine its suitability to provide a best practice environmentally safe waste facility. Rural Councillors and Shire Officers met with land owners in close proximity to the proposed site on the 9th January.

Lot 12 Kirwin Road is located east of Esperance, in the Merivale region, and at this stage is the most suitable site in the Esperance Shire. Talis Consultants have prepared site selection studies on both Crown and Freehold Land to identify a site that ensures an environmentally safe and socially acceptable location is found.

Access to the new Waste Facility will be restricted to authorised persons, which will mean limited increase in traffic to the area and no need for overt signage. Bulk Waste and Domestic pick up contractors will be the only vehicles accessing the site, the general public will not be delivering waste to this facility. The current intention being Wylie Bay Waste Facility will operate as a transfer station and private users will deliver to this site.

Shire President Victoria Brown stated "Living next door to a new contemporary waste facility is not like living next to the "dump" of the past. The new facility will operate to the highest of environmental standards. These require the shire to operate the site with zero off site impact. This means no visual, noise, litter or groundwater impact. Compacted waste will be transported via sealed trucks and the general public will not be accessing the site. The only way you will know there is a waste facility there is by seeing the minimal signage we need to have in place."

"Councillors and shire staff will continue to liaise with adjoining property owners to alleviate concerns and make sure everyone is kept up to date with the process. Once in operation there will be a small amount of additional traffic on the road (contractors only) and we will be putting strategies in place to minimise any impact on local drivers."

Preliminary concept designs  for the new waste facility have been completed and are available to the public for review.

Talis Consultants have provided additional information on what a modern waste management facility  can look like. It includes a number of images that show how landfill sites are constructed and capped.

Council met with the adjoining landowners on Monday 23rd January to hear and understand their concerns and the potential challenges with the site selected. Another meeting will be held on Monday 30th January to allow landowners to raise questions directly with Waste Management consultants - Talis.