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Would you like to be involved in our community engagement program to develop a 10 year plan for Esperance?

The Shire of Esperance commenced a major review and update of the Shire of Esperance Strategic Community Plan 2012-2022 in February 2017. Our Strategic Community Plan is a legislative requirement to ensure that we appropriately plan for the future of the Esperance region. Every four years a major review is undertaken to make sure the plan remains relevant and reflective of community requirements.

Our Strategic Community Plan identifies our vision, aspirations and priorities. It provides guidance on potential allocation of resources to achieve this vision while balancing aspirations and capacity. Our Plan will not be limited to local government service responsibilities as the desired outcomes will be the goal for all contributors to our community. Most importantly our Strategic Community Plan should provide inspiration, reflecting our values, our goals - our community.

Our Council is responsible for developing and reviewing the plan, one of the most important documents for our Shire, but its implementation is a shared responsibility with other partners such as State agencies and community groups. While Council has a custodial role in initiating, preparing and maintaining the plan on behalf of the community, it is not wholly responsible for its implementation. The aim of the plan is to encourage council, the community and other agencies to work together as one community to deliver on our vision for the future. For this to occur it is vital that community goals and aspirations are accurately captured, detailed demographics of the region incorporated and future challenges and opportunities identified.

The engagement process so far:

  • A short survey was posted to every letter and post box in the Esperance Shire. The survey was also available on line and hard copies were located in the Shire administration, library and Bay of Isles Leisure Centre. 228 standard surveys and 96 youth surveys were completed.
  • 30 Community forums/workshops were held in the Shire. Open workshops were held in Esperance, Cascade and Grass Patch. Workshops and discussions were also held with a number of community groups representing our diverse community (this included groups such as the Esperance Chamber of Commerce, Esperance Tjaltjraak, our Local Emergency Management Committee and Tourism Esperance, just to name a few).
  • 2 Council Corners and 2 Town Talks were held. These provided an opportunity for community members to discuss Esperance's future with elected members.

Where to from here? The data collected from the surveys and workshops is being analysed and sorted into recurring themes. This will highlight current community goals and aspirations, which will guide the development of strategies to be implemented to continue to achieve these goals and aspirations.

In addition to the above engagement opportunities the Shire would also like to set up a Strategic Community Engagement Program. The program needs interested and passionate community members to subscribe to a direct email list. This would then allow us to contact members directly through email on upcoming events or ask for one on one responses to specific questions. If you would like to be involved in the Strategic Community Engagement Program please complete the attached link.