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Shire Road Condition Update 15/02/2017

This map indicates local road closures and the image is from Neds Corner Road. The South Coast Highway from Munglinup to Ravensthorpe is closed, this road is under the jurisdiction of Main Roads for further information please head to their website

The following local roads are closed as they are impassable:

• Ashdale Rd between Beltana Rd & Sears Rd
• Bishops Rd between Fields Rd & Belgian Rd
• Doyle Rd to Springdale Rd
• Grass Patch Rd between Fields Rd & Belgian Rd
• Griffiths Rd between Edwards Rd & Coomalbidgup Rd
• Jonegatup Rd between Farmers Rd & Neds Corner Rd
• Loop Rd between Cascade Rd & Coomalbidgup
• Mills Rd between Oldfield Rd & Neds Corner Rd
• Neds Corner Rd between Jonegatup Rd & South Coast Hwy
• River Rd to Clare Rd
• Springdale Road between South Coast Highway & Fuss Rd

• Kettles Rd between Meyer Rd & Ridgelands Rd

There are many sections of road that have sustained damage due to the flooding but are passable. Inspections are still continuing.

5 Tonne load limit has been lifted

As at 15/02/2017