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Data has been collated from consultation carried out at the beginning of the year for the Strategic Community Plan and the Shire of Esperance is seeking further input from the community. The new Draft Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027 has been developed around five themes; Community Connections, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Growth & Prosperity and Community Leadership. 

The community input received has been invaluable in updating the Plan to be reflective of our current community values and aspirations. Community goals were identified along with future challenges and opportunities during three months of engagement. The Plan has captured the thoughts and ideas put forward, and identifies the strategies and outcomes developed that will work towards achieving these goals and ensure “The Esperance Community is vibrant, welcoming and supportive and values its social connections and natural landscape”.

The draft and all survey responses are available for the public to view.

Please have a look at the Plan and if you wish to make a formal submission please do so in writing by filling out this form and emailing it to