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It’s that time of year

You should receive your rates notice soon if you haven’t already. Flyers are included with the notice which explain different aspects to your rates as well as other important information. Have a look through them and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

What are rates?

Your rates provide Council with the revenue needed to manage all the services and facilities which make the Shire a vibrant and attractive region to live in. Each financial year a new budget is prepared to support current needs of the entire community and plan for future needs. Council’s rates are influenced by many factors including increases in the cost of providing services, proposed capital works and increases in service levels or other Council initiatives. Council also considers statistical indicators such as the Consumer Price Index and the Local Government Cost Index.

You may be eligible for a pensioner or senior rebate to receive a rebate a person must hold one or more of the relevant Pensioner or Seniors cards, and on July 1 of the financial year, own and occupy residential property as their principal place of residence. To arrange this please call the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 with your concession card and they will then update your details.  

What makes up your rates?

Properties will either have a Gross Rental Value (GRV)which is applied to urban properties or a Unimproved Values (UV) which is used as the basis for the levy of rates for rural properties. Council sets a “rate in the dollar” for each differential rate, such as residential, commercial or rural. The rate is calculated to ensure that sufficient income is received to enable continued service delivery to our community. Your annual rates are calculated by multiplying your GRV or UV value by your applicable “rate in the dollar”, taking into consideration the minimum rate. GRV is reevaluated every 3-5 years and UV is reevaluated annually.

Domestic Rubbish and Recycling: Residential properties within the town boundary are required to have a waste and recycling bin. You can choose your bin sizes and the annual fee charged is based on the you configuration have. Pensioners also receive a discount.

Waste Rate: funds generated by the waste rate will contribute to the new landfill for Esperance, this ensures Esperance’s waste service can continue.

Emergency Services Levy: This is collected on behalf of the State Government who use the proceeds to fund a range of emergency services organisations, including local bush fire brigades within the Shire of Esperance. Visit for further information on the this levy.