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This week Shire staff were contacted about an Esperance registered dog found more than 700km away. The people who found her called their local ranger who collected and kept the dog safely in the pound over the weekend. The rangers touched base with each other, easily identifying the dog and contacting her owners who were away after leaving the dog in the care of relatives. The outcome was a very relieved family and a very fast reunion.

This story certainly demonstrates why registration and microchipping are so beneficial and can help more easily reuniting people with their lost pets.
All dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their dogs are registered, and all dogs over the age of three months, including all farm dogs, must be registered. Dog registration allows Ranger Services to reunite you with your dog quickly should it wander or become lost. All dogs must be microchipped to be eligible for registration.

It can be a costly exercise if your dog is impounded and not registered. A $200 unlicensed dog penalty can be applied which is separate to the poundage fees of $120 a day for unregistered, non-microchipped dogs and a $5 per day sustenance fee and additional fees for late payment set by Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Regulations 1994.  Dog Surrender Fees are $70. These fees add up so the $100 price tage for lifetime registration of a sterilised, registered and microchipped dog is certainly worth it. If your dog does get out, and is registered, rangers attempt to get your dog home safely and immediately without impounding at all.

If dogs end up in the pound our rangers attempt to rehome them, otherwise they are fostered through SAFE or the RSPCA.  We are in the fortunate position, unlike many other Councils, where animals are only euthanased if they are sick or not rehomeable. However if people are not responsible and animal welfare groups are stretched, we may not always be able to continue this practice.

To register your dog or find out more go to Pet Ownership under the Live section of the website

Former pound pooch, Rusty enjoying his furever home