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The HMAS Farncomb will be visiting Esperance in November  and during their time in our town the crew will be participating in a historical Freedom of Entry Parade. This will be a unique event for Esperance. The Freedom of Entry Parade is a ceremonial event which dates back to the medieval period and is designed today as recognition of the ties between a military unit and the town in which it is taking place. The HMAS Farncomb was designated the town of Esperance as its affiliated town, by the then Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Douglas Theobald.

On the 10th November the crew from the HMAS Farncomb will be marching through the Esperance Town Centre. The parade includes a Welcome to Country, smoking ceremony and a challenge by local indigenous representatives. A Freedom of Entry Scroll granting permission to the crew of the HMAS Farncomb to enter the town of Esperance will be presented by the Shire President. As the parade progresses representatives from our local police force will halt the crew demanding to know by what right they have to march through town whereby they will then present their scroll and their Freedom of Entry will be acknowledged.

Once the march concludes and the parade is dismissed crew members from the Farncomb will join the community. There will be food stalls set up around the RSL Park, to encourage everyone to stay and enjoy a great family afternoon.

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