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Option One: This option has been released by the Jetty Group Inc.

The diagrams used are extracted from the Bonacci Report submitted to Council and full copy is available here  for your review. The Baseline option is the concept costed in this report and is shown below.

This option replaces all raked wooden piles with steel vertical piles; new steel or aluminium handrails; new concrete deck; retention of existing deck planks and internal stringers (timber beams); retention and/or replacement of external stringers dependant on condition.









Option Two: Traditional jetty concept which is considered a base option as a one level jetty, either following the existing alignment, or similar as required to suit the existing pile location. This option is easily extendable in the future, and will see a deck level the same as the existing jetty. The diagram shows the option of a traditional jetty, approximately 250m long, and curved to match the alignment of the existing jetty. It can either be straight or include a T-section at the end which will allow for maintenance vehicles to easily turn around and provides a larger space for fishing.

Option Three: The second design is a contemporary jetty concept which could be a landmark structure, complementing the high quality of the foreshore facilities and landscaping and attracting visitors to Esperance. This design is a modern interpretation of historical precedents, with arched portals creating a procession from the foreshore to the landing. The portals would be treated similarly to the steel and timber light poles currently used on the foreshore, with LED lighting on the inside and outside surfaces creating halos of light for the full length of the pier and a night time attraction. The length of the jetty in this diagram is also 250m and is adjustable.

Shire President Victoria Brown said “The designs on display at the show have received positive feedback from the community. Council will consider jetty options that will preferably withstand a minimum of 50 years. We look forward to receiving the Jetty Group’s Concept Plan in the near future so we can move forward, make a decision and get our community a jetty.”

View the Concept Designs here.