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Have you ever wondered why some signs are allowed and others are not? Or why it’s ok to conduct some activities on your own property but not at the foreshore?

Local Laws are enforceable rules made by local governments to apply within their district. They help to establish and maintain the quality of life in line with the expectations of the local community and provide a standard under which businesses, residents and ratepayers must conduct their activities. They are often reviewed with community input to make sure they match the needs of the broadest community.

Local Laws support higher legislation (Acts of Parliament) to control and manage the more basic matters that affect the community. They can be helpful in the resolution of disputes, as well as achieving effective government.

Some of our Local Laws directly impact on several topical issues, including signage, al fresco and permitted activities on Local Government Property. These laws may protect or cater to certain parts of the community and appear restrictive to others. In order to make sure our local laws are relevant and consider the broader community, we need your input. 

Submissions about proposed changes to the Private Property Local Law 2003; Local Government Property Local Law 2001 and the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2001 are open until Friday 26th August. Copies of these Local Laws can be obtained from the Shire Administration Office or can be downloaded here. Information on how to write a submission can be found on our Writing a Submission Fact Sheet.