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During the Town Centre Revitalisation project the Shire received feedback that there were some concerns and challenges with the way we move, whether driving, cycling or walking, and park in the town centre. This has been the catalyst for the project to develop a Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian Strategy for the town centre. This strategy will look at our current requirements and usage in the town centre and how these could be improved. It will also include predictions on what our future needs may be and what planning can be undertaken to accommodate these needs.

A survey  that will assist the Shire in planning for the future with respect to parking, traffic and pedestrain movement is currently underway.

We would like your views and ideas on how this can be achieved. We have launched an interactive program called Social Pinpoint which allows you to drop comments onto a map and voice your opinion. You can have your say on Social Pinpoint here.

There are a number of unique ideas that can make the most practical things a little more interesting, we are keen to hear your ideas.