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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Esperance Tanker Jetty Replacement Survey was opened on the 19th February and closed on the 21st March. During this time 1770 completed surveys were received, 459 of these were from our students attending local high schools. The overall number was the largest amount of input the Shire has ever received in a survey, however it was disappointing that it was not higher being such a significant community issue.

The survey was widely publicised and made available online, through Facebook, in hard copy at multiple locations including Council Corners at the Grass Patch Yabbie Classic, the Labour Day weekend Museum Village Markets and the Condingup Community Fair. The Esperance Express, Kalgoorlie Miner and local radio stations all supported the survey through promotions and interviews with the Shire President.

The results from the survey are available here and all the comments received can be found here. Hard copies will be available at all Shire buildings for review, alternatively copies can be emailed on request.