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Have you seen the entries from the community for the Branding Competition? We need your vote now to assist in selecting one story from each theme to represent Esperance.

Branding Survey Here

What makes Esperance unique? How do we encourage external markets to view Esperance as a preferred destination to live and work, invest and visit? Creating a strong brand for Esperance will encourage customers to choose Esperance as a holiday destination or select an Esperance made product over a competitor. It can stimulate investors to spend in the Esperance market and it can be seen as an ideal destination to live, work, raise a family or enjoy a sea change.

The Esperance Brand is all about authenticity, liveliness and activity, warmth and reconnection. The Esperance Brand is the sum of attributes that make Esperance what it is and why we choose to live here.

Promotional footage of Esperance with presenters who tell their Esperance story is available here. See how you can use the brand to build awareness outside of Esperance and how this can help you, your business or your club.

A guide book has been developed to assist in the use of the Esperance Brand and provides ideas on how these can be applied. A copy of the guide book will be available on the night and includes examples of how the Esperance Brand could be applied for businesses and clubs to raise recognition of Esperance to encourage visitors, investors and potential residents to seek the Esperance experience. A brief explanation of the Esperance Brand has also been developed for the Esperance Community.

This Esperance Brand project was funded through the Royalties for Regions SuperTowns program and was developed in partnership with the Shire of Esperance, Esperance Chamber of Commerce and Goldfields Esperance Development Commission.