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The 2015 Community Perception Survey is now available for the community to complete. The survey will allow all members of the community an opportunity to share their views on local services and facilities and ideas about how these can be improved. The survey is conducted every two years with the 2015 survey being the third one presented to the community.

The survey provides an opportunity for every community member to give input into how they feel their local government body is operating, and will help evaluate the Shire’s performance against the Strategic Community Plan. It will also provide benchmarking analysis against the Shire’s previous performance and other local governments.


The survey is open to all residents aged 18 years or older and one hard copy was posted to all residences in the Esperance Shire with a reply paid envelope included, additional hard copies of the survey are available at the Shire Administration Building and Library, the survey can also be completed on line. The survey closes at 5pm on Friday 16 October.

Independent research company, Catalyse will collect and analyse the data. Individual responses are not available to the shire or council. The latest survey adds an additional element of asking the importance of shire services, not just individuals satisfaction with a service. This will help assess how important certain services are to the community as a whole, and enable comparisons will other services.

A copy of the final report will be available on the website and in the Shire Administration Building and Library once received.