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The Shire of Esperance is working with schools to keep our children safe and is asking the community to follow these simple dos and donts when parking at Castletown Primary School.

• Please do not park on or cross footpaths in your vehicle

• Please do not park on verges/ even if the land is vacant

• Please observe signage in place

• Please park on the road, parallel to the kerb/ facing the direction of traffic flow

• Please remember to park 10 metres back from an intersection

• Please do not obstruct driveways when parking on the road

• Remember to travel no more than 40km per hour in the school zone

These parking regulations are in accordance with the Shire of Esperance Parking Facilities Local Law (as amended July 2005). A full copy of the Local Law is available on here.

A detailed map showing parking options near Castletown Primary School is available here.