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Rock Fishing

Esperance has a magnificent coastline and rock fishing is a popular activity. However rock fishing poses significant dangers because of slippery rocks and rogue waves. If you intend to go rock fishing during your time in Esperance please follow these safety guidelines:

Visit a local tackle shop or the Visitor Centre and ask where is safe to fish.

Lengths of rope are available to tie onto rock bolts with. Rope is available free of charge from local tackle shops.

Tell someone where and when you are planning to fish, and try not to fish alone.

Read warning signs at your fishing location.

Familiarise yourself with your fishing spot prior to fishing. Note location of rock bolts and angel rings.

Wear a life vest, light clothing and shoes with non-slip soles.

Have rope available to tie yourself to a rock bolt.

If someone is washed into the water do not jump in. If an angel ring or other flotation device is available provide it to them and call 000 to summon help.

If you are swept into the water do not panic. Swim away from the rocks and attract attention.

Please stay safe during your visit to Esperance.