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In September 2014 Council resolved to allocate a portion of the Country Local Government Fund to the replacement of the Esperance Skate Park.  Community consultation was undertaken and a concept plan was developed with the aim being to create a space that is welcoming to all members of the community with an emphasis on youth.  Recently the first round of consultation was completed, with local stakeholders attending and contributing positively to the future of our skate park. The survey helped Council to better understand why our users skate, what type of park they would like and their thoughts on the best location.  Overall the consultation was a success with about 60 users, young and old contributing their thoughts on an ideal skate park. In April a site selection report was presented to Councillors which assessed eight sites that had been identified within Esperance.

On Tuesday Council endorsed the recommendation of William St south of boat ramp as the future site of the Esperance Skate Park.  The site achieved a rating of 87% from Convic's site assessment and was the highest ranked site by those who attended the consultation sessions.  Convic will now begin their next phase of predesign consultation to generate and collate ideas, concerns and draw on the community and council knowledge and experience to inform a design vision.

Esperance Skate Park Survey Results