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The Shire of Esperance Strategic Community Plan 2012-2022 and Long Term Financial Plan 2015/16 - 2025/26 have been reviewed.

The Strategic Community Plan 2012-2022 underwent a desk top review to update factual data, reflect changes to the organisational structure of the Shire, incorporate the new Councillors and to more accurately mirror the current status of all the integrated plans for the Shire of Esperance. The changes made to the plan were taken to Council and endorsed in May 2015. A full copy of the changes implemented is available in the Council report item.

An annual review of the Shire of Esperance Long Term Financial Plan 2015/16 - 2025/26 was also completed and taken to Council in May 2015. The Long Term Financial Plan must be reviewed each year to incorporate changes to the current economic climate and ensure Council continue to plan for the future in an economically sustainable manner. The Council report details the changes made to the plan and provides context as to why these changes needed to occur.