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Q. How much does the Shire of Esperance currently spend on street lights?

A. The Shire of Esperance spends approximately $24,000 a month on street lights. It is one of the Shire’s highest utility costs. Replacing current street lights with more energy efficient LED street lights will help to significantly reduce the Shire’s annual electricity bill, while also proving to be an environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting solution.

Q. Which areas will get the U4 lights and which areas will get the U2 lights?

A. The current, large, sodium dioxide (orange hued) street lights, often found on the busier main streets, will be replaced with the large U4 lights. The smaller, mercury vapour street lights (often found in the residential streets), will get the U2 smaller street lights.

Q. How much does one new LED street light cost?

A. The U2 (smaller residential) LED street lights cost approximately $450 each and U4 street lights (these are larger lights for main roads and commercial areas) lights cost approximately $900 each. None of these lights will cost the Shire any money as the entire project is co-funded by the Federal Government Department of Industry and Science, and WA Royalties for Regions. The cost of buying and installing the new LED lights are free to the community and the Shire of Esperance.

Q. Do we have other LED lights in the Shire of Esperance already?

A. Yes, the lights along the newly redeveloped foreshore are all LED lights. Also, the flashing speed warning signs near the schools have LED lights. These will not be replaced as they are almost new and, being LED lights, are very effective in lighting public areas and improving security and the amenity of the area.

Q. Which suburb will be the first to get the new street lights?

A. Nulsen will be first suburb to install the new LED lights. Other suburbs will follow according to a rollout schedule to be published in the Council Connections page in the local paper, Esperance Express, as well as on the Horizon Power website. We expect all the new LED street lights to be installed across Esperance by December 2015, if possible sooner!

Q. Will the new LED streetlights have metal grills like most of the current ones?

A. No, the lights are very sturdy and designed specifically to make them harder to vandalise.

Q. How much does one of the current street light cost to replace and how often do they need replacing?

A. Buying a current street light will cost approximately $10-15 each. In addition, installation costs average $200 per light. A current mercury vapour light (white colour) is designed to last 1,000 days ie. roughly 3 years. The sodium dioxide lights (orange colour) have a lifespan of about 750 days ie. roughly 2 years. A new LED street light will, by comparison, last around 20 years.

Q. Will timber pole street light lights be replaced or just metal pole street lights?

A. Horizon Power will be replacing the lights on every street light they operate in Esperance which includes BOTH metal and timber poled street lights.

Q. Will all the street lights in Esperance be replaced?

A. All the streetlights owned and operated by Horizon Power will be retrofitted with a new LED street light lamp which is the majority of street lights in the Shire of Esperance.

Q. If the new LED street lights are a lot brighter will they cause more glare?

A. They will be a lot brighter than current street lights but the light will be directional – shining directly down onto the areas they need to illuminate such as footpaths, roads and crosswalks. The lights will not cause more glare and will not affect the direct vision of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. The brighter lights will improve visibility and public safety in areas which are currently dimly lit.

Q. Will the brighter LED lights spill light into our homes?

A. LED street lights are directional and only shine light where they are directed to eg. the street below. There is no "light spill" to the side or upwards, which means they do not block the night sky or shine backwards into homes.

Q. How long does it take to replace a current street light lamp with a new LED lamp?

A. It takes two linesman to work together to replace one streetlight. One light can be replaced in 20 minutes and the plan is to replace approximately 20 street lights per day subject to weather, power emergencies and staffing. We expect that most of the street lights will be installed within the next 6 months, commencing July 2015.

Q. How were these particular LED lights selected and have they been used elsewhere?

A. Horizon Power looked at LED manufacturers globally. Currently available LED lights were not suited to WA’s local weather conditions, specifically the extremely hot temperatures experienced in summer in the more remote parts of WA like the Goldfields. Horizon Power has had a street light custom designed to its specifications and these are produced by a highly reputable LED manufacturer. This product is unique to Horizon Power and will be used for the first time in WA.

Q: Will Horizon be installing LED street lights in new subdivisions?

A: Yes, Horizon regards LED street lights as a cost effective, low-maintenance lighting solution for the future. The LED street lights which will be installed as part of the GVROC LED street light retrofit project, will be used in the future new housing estates. Existing street lights which need replacement will be replaced with LED lights.

Q. Will fluctuations in power affect the consistency and intensity of the LED street lights, as currently happens with the existing street lights?

A. No, LED street lights are not likely to respond to fluctuations in power and you will not see any noticeable variation in the intensity of the light.