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The Shire of Esperance is making a formal objection with regards to the proposed 2015 Electoral Boundary Changes, currently being advertised by the Office of the Electoral Distribution Commissioners, and is urging community members to do the same . Particularly, objections relate to the proposed abolishment of the Electoral District of Eyre, which will result in the Local Government District of Esperance (the Shire of Esperance) being split between the Electoral Districts of Kalgoorlie and Wagin (to be renamed Roe).

1) Concerns are that the predominant land use in the Northern and Eastern parts of the Shire is agriculture, not mining and (or) pastoral, as reported in the Commission’s report;

2) The proposal does not seem to take into account the factors required to be considered under Section 16I of the Electoral Act 1907, being:

a. Community of Interest (there are not two different communities of Interest in the Shire of Esperance)

b. Land use patterns (the predominant land use in the Shire of Esperance is Agriculture)

c. Physical features (there is no distinct major physical differences across the Shire of Esperance, particularly East to West)

d. Existing Local Government Boundaries (the current Electoral District of Eyre contains the entire Shire of Esperance)

e. The trend of Demographic Changes (the Town site of Esperance is the epicentre of the Esperance Community, and there is no significant demographic changes within the Shire of Esperance, particularly East to West);

3) The abolishment of the Electoral District of Eyre will increase the number of Electoral Districts associated with the Metropolitan Area, to the detriment of the Regions, which stills provide most of the natural and economic wealth of Western Australia.

If you agree that the reasons in the proposed report do not justify the abolishment of the Electoral District of Eyre, you can make your submission my downloading the form here and submitting it to the Shire administration building by Friday 21st August or by email to