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The Shire of Esperance continues to work with Horizon Power to replace existing mercury vapour streetlights with energy efficient LED street lights. The suburbs of Nulsen, Sinclair, Esperance Central, Chadwick, Castletown, Bandy Creek, West Beach, Pink Lake, Munglinup, Condingup, Salmon Gums and Monjinup will all receive the new lights in the coming months.

The project will also see the towns of Laverton, Esperance, Menzies, Leonora, Norseman and Hopetoun lit up by new LED streetlights, thanks to a $4 million project co-funded by the Australian Government, Royalties for Regions and local government.

On Saturday 1 August, Horizon Power and representatives from the LED Street Light project team ran a very successful kiosk in the Esperance Boulevard mall to explain more about the project. Large numbers of the community expressed significant interest in the timing of the rollout program and those who had already received new street lights noted that the LED street lights had improved the brightness of streets without “spilling” light into homes.

“I was thrilled at how many people knew about the LED street lights! People were generally very positive about the new lights and gave us good feedback”, said Lisa Cunningham, Project Communications Officer.


Donna Gibson, Retail & Community Manager, from Horizon Power, added that the project would provide financial and environmental savings to the town due to reduced energy consumption, particularly over the longer term.

The project will improve neighbourhood security, enhance safety on roads and foot paths, reduce maintenance costs and encourage the uptake of energy efficient lighting in the Goldfields and Esperance communities. Energy consumption is expected to be reduced by 55% in the participating towns within the next 12 months.

Two types of LED lamps are being installed. These are U2 lamps of 25W each for residential streets and U4 lamps of 120W each for highways and main roads. The U2 lamps are replacing the orange Mercury Vapour lamps and the bigger U4 lamps are replacing the old Sodium streetlights. The photoelectric cells are light sensitive and switch on and off automatically.

The Horizon Power crew is currently installing smaller residential U2 and larger U4 lights throughout Esperance. In September, Horizon Power will start installations in the suburbs of Castletown and Bandy Creek. All the other Esperance suburbs are complete. Installation is due to be completed in November 2015.

For more information about the street light project please contact Lisa Cunningham , Project Communications Officer, telephone 0417 945 741