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Following a change to the Dog Amendment Regulations 2014, some dog exercise areas in the Shire of Esperance town site have needed to change.

Since the result is that dogs need to be kept on lead at all times between Bandy Creek Groyne and Twilight Cove, Council intends to establish dog exercise areas and dog prohibited areas within Esperance town site.

However, there are three sections of our foreshore that we cannot declare as dog exercise areas, on which the Dog Act 1976 applies and dogs must be kept on lead. These include the far end of the beach at Castletown Quays (between Straker Street and the Bandy Creek Groyne), the beach in front of Esperance Bay Yacht Club and part of Fourth Beach.

Residents will see new signage soon. Signs indicating dog exercise areas and dog prohibited areas will be installed at the relevant locations over the coming weeks. At all other locations dogs are required to be kept on lead.

Click here for a larger version of the map indicating local dog exercise areas.

The change to the Dog Amendment Act has removed the Shire of Esperance’s ability to make Local Laws regarding the establishment of dog exercise areas and dog prohibited zones. This means the clauses within the shire’s Dog Local Law, identifying dog exercise areas and areas where dogs are prohibited, are no longer applicable. Instead, Council has been given the power to establish areas as dog exercise areas without the need to amend its Local Laws. Since the amendment of Local Laws is a long and complex process, this gives Council greater flexibility, making it easier to quickly meet the needs of the community.

The Dog Act 1976 applies at all locations within Esperance town site that are not dog exercise areas.

Feedback submitted on Council's intended dog exercise areas must be provided before November 3, in writing to:

CEO, Shire of Esperance, PO Box 507, Esperance, WA, 6450

or by email to