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The Department of Local Government and Communities has advised that the Dog Amendment Regulations 2014 (Dog Regulations) have changed, meaning the clauses within the shire’s Dog Local Law, identifying dog exercise areas and areas where dogs are prohibited, are no longer applicable. Instead, Council has been given the power to establish areas as dog exercise areas without the need to amend its Local Laws.

Shire President Malcolm Heasman said this change means the Dog Act 1976 applies at all locations within Esperance townsite.

"This change in the law results in dogs needing to be on lead at all times from July 31, 2014 within Esperance townsite, which is the area between Bandy Creek Groyne and Twilight Cove. Council is aware of the importance of dog exercise areas to our community and will determine where to establish dog exercise areas, as well as dog prohibited areas, at the September Ordinary Council Meeting."

"Our townsite also includes an area of unallocated crown land between Straker Street and the Bandy Creek Groyne (Castletown Quays), on which the Dog Act 1976 applies in relation to the requirement that dogs be kept on lead."

Cr Heasman said residents will see new signage soon.

"New signage identifying dog exercise areas will be installed at dog exercise areas over the coming weeks. At all other locations dogs are required to be on lead."

The September Ordinary Council Meeting will be held at 4pm on Tuesday, September 23 at Council Chambers. The agenda, including a map showing the proposed dog exercise areas, is available here.