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11 November 2014


Should Esperance initiate a twelve month trial in providing a low cost camping area for RV users?

Would you like to provide input to Council on the potential benefits and impacts of having a designated self contained recreational vehicle site?

Council are currently considering whether to trial the provision of a low cost self contained camping area within the confines of the Esperance town site. A Public submission session will be held on the 11th November commencing at 6pm. This is an opportunity to present to Council your views on this proposed trial.

A report item about the proposed rial was submitted to Council for the October Ordinary Council Meeting, Council chose to defer the item for further consultation with relevant stakeholders. Further information about the trial is available on the Shire Website Agendas and Minutes page

If you would like to make a presentation to Council please register your interest by phoning 9071 0644. Alternatively you can make a submission in writing to Council via email or PO Box 507, Esperance WA 6450 no later than 4.30pm November 11.

To ensure all speakers have an equal opportunity to present their submission to Council without bias or interruption, the forum will be structured according:

  • All speakers to be registered by 3pm on 11th November 2014
  • A ballot draw will determine the order of the speaker
  • Presentations to be 5 minutes with the options to submit written submissions also

  • Questions will be from Council only, after each submission 
  • The session will be recorded and the transcript publically available once completed.

Council will review all submissions as part of the item being re-presented at the Ordinary Council Meeting November 25.