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Shire of Esperance Council has demonstrated its continuing support for aged care by waiving fees relating to the planned expansion of Esperance Aged Care Facility (EACF).

Shire President Malcolm Heasman said Council was keen to assist the facility.

"Esperance Aged Care Facility is an important provider of aged care in our town and we believe it is vital to support them."

Council has waived the development application and building services fees applicable to EACF’s proposed expansion, totalling $25,000.

Esperance Aged Care Facility chairman of the board of management Richard Fowler said due to increasing demand EACF needed to expand.

"We are very grateful for Council’s ongoing support in our expansion, both with the waiving of these fees and the provision in 2012 of freehold land tenure for the development to be built on. There is currently a 134-bed shortage of aged care accommodation in the Esperance-Goldfields region and, at this point in time, our facility is the only one with plans to expand. We currently have 25 people on a waitlist for beds. Demand for our services continues to increase and hopefully the benefit of expanding capacity at our facility will reach not only our local community but the wider Goldfields-Esperance region too."

EACF has submitted a business plan to the Goldfields-Esperance Revitalisation Committee. The planned expansion of EACF is estimated will cost $6 million and aims to provide an additional 30 beds.