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Some fees at Wylie Bay Waste Facility will increase on Council's adoption of the 2014/2015 budget.

Shire of Esperance President Malcolm Heasman said the new charges are related to the impending cost of replacing the waste facility.

"The new waste fees reflect the whole of life costs of waste disposal and will contribute to meeting the costs associated with the impending closure of Wylie Bay Waste Facility. Waste destined for landfill will incur the greatest cost, increasing to $40 per cubic metre. However, costs can be reduced by separating recyclable and recoverable items, and using the free tip passes issued with rates."

While the entry fee has doubled, most fees have only increased between one to two per cent and some remain unchanged. New waste fees will come into effect on September 1, 2014.

To view the Wylie Bay Waste Facility schedule of fees and charges 2014/2015 click here.