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Findings from the latest stage of the Town Centre Revitalisation Project indicate that Esperance is keen to embrace change.

The community was invited to a second round of workshops and to complete an online survey to provide feedback on three concepts:

  1. enhancement of the Esperance lifestyle;
  2. creation of catalysts for revitalisation; and
  3. a cultural shift.

The initial analysis of this feedback shows a clear preference towards concepts two and three, with the overall preference being the cultural shift represented in concept three.

The prioritisation of pedestrian and cycle traffic over cars in the main activity areas, was supported by the majority of respondents as was the redevelopment of Post Office Square as an epicentre of activity. The diversification of existing businesses and encouragement of local investment were also popular ideas.

Place Match continues to work on the Master Plan and is being guided by the community input.

To read the summary of the engagement click here.