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Members of our farming community demonstrated their commitment to sustainability during this year’s harvest by recycling tubes used in the temporary storage of grain. With so much grain during this year’s bumper harvest, grain cartage was a challenge and Esperance farmers used large tubes to store and transport thousands of tonnes of grain. Each tube is about 75 metres long and made of plastic. Once emptied and cleaned the farming community took them to Wylie Bay Waste Facility where they were baled and transported for recycling. This recycling initiative happened as a result of the environmental awareness and combined efforts of the farmers, resellers and the Shire of Esperance. It has saved thousands of kilograms of plastic going into landfill, which is a fantastic result.

Esperance has been dedicated to recycling for over a decade. Recycling plays a significant role in responsible waste management and sustainability, so increased rates of recycling are great news for the future of our town and our region.

To read the Shire President's newspaper column about this, and other recycling initiatives in the Shire of Esperance, click here.