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This project looks to quantify current short term stay accommodation and future demand. Specifically, project outcomes require:

  • An inventory of existing and planned short-stay accommodation detailing the location, accommodation style, number of rooms, current rates and occupancy levels.
  • Analysis of current short-stay accommodation occupancy rates by market segment.
  • Identification of the current and future demand for short-stay accommodation (by accommodation type), including future demand by visitor type and origin, likely and required future accommodation supply and resulting occupancy rates, utilising existing visitor data and visitor forecasts based on anticipated demand compositions and reasons for visits.
  • Identification of the types and quantity of short-stay accommodation required by visitor markets now and in the future, with provision of understanding of accommodation style, and number of rooms required to meet demand forecasts in the short (1-5 years), medium (5-10 years) and long-term (10-20 years).
  • Identification of existing and short to medium term future gaps and market opportunities in short-stay accommodation provision within Esperance.
  • A high level investment outlook for short-stay accommodation in Esperance based on a range of growth scenarios.

This project was tendered by the Shire of Esperance in October 2013 and Kadar Pearson & Partners Pty Ltd, trading as KPP Business Development (KPP) was appointed in late November 2013.

Click here to view the final copy of the Short Term Accommodation Needs Strategy.