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Following a recent increase in the number of complaints of uncontrolled dog incidents received from horse-riders, Council has introduced new rules regarding the shared use of Castletown Quays beach by horse-riders and dog-walkers.

To enable both user groups, as well as the wider community, to safely enjoy the beach Council has allocated a specific area for use by horse-riders.

Between 4am and 8am the area between the Castletown Quays cul-de-sac stairs and the Bandy Creek groyne will be a horse exercise area, and dogs must be on a lead if they enter that zone at that time. Dogs are permitted to be off-lead in that zone only between 4pm – 8pm.

The existing rule, that dogs are permitted to be off lead only 5am – 8am and 4pm – 8pm, continues to apply on the rest of the beach areas between the Castletown Quays cul-de-sac stairs and James Street.

Signs outlining the new regulation will soon be installed at Castletown Quays Beach access points.

To read the complete media release click here.