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The new headland car park opposite the Cannery will open on Thursday, providing access to the Tanker Jetty in time for the Easter break.

Contractors Sime Building and Construction have worked hard over the past two months to prioritise the completion of various elements of the headland, including the car park, in order to be able to provide access to the jetty again. Now complete, the car park parallel to Norseman Road offers 36 parking spaces, in a range of angled and parallel parking spaces and has two spaces for disabled drivers. The car park also features a drop-off zone and a turning circle.

Once the rest of the headland is complete, the car park will offer access to the Tanker Jetty boardwalk, the headland playground and the toilet block.

During the Easter break, all Tanker Jetty access will be via the new headland car park and along a path on the north side of the headland. The walkway will be fenced off from the rest of the headland to enable Sime to continue work on other elements of the headland.

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