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Esperance’s local celebrity Sammy the sea lion has charmed Waterfront Project workers to such an extent that they have declared themselves ‘Sammy friendly’.

Italia Stone Group workers, the contractors on the Waterfront Project, have grown so fond of Sammy over recent months they have commissioned stickers and magnets that are displayed on hard hats, site vehicles, trucks and on the fence surrounding the site.

Italia Stone Group Project Manager Tony Catalano said Sammy definitely had personality.

"He appears at different locations around the site and sometimes seems like he is supervising and acting as a foreman on the job."

As well as keeping watch for Sammy as they go about their work Italia Stone Group have left areas that Sammy favours to be developed last so that he can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Shire of Esperance President Malcolm Heasman said he was delighted to see the contractor take such an interest in the local wildlife.

"Italia Stone Group’s ‘Sammy friendly’ initiative is fun but is also a reassuring indication of their commitment to ensuring the project is completed with no detrimental impact to Sammy and other local wildlife."

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