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Residents will now have access to a range of different sized household waste and recycling bins, providing flexibility for the different requirements of households throughout the Esperance community.

The Shire of Esperance will introduce a series of changes to its waste and recycling program on the 1st July 2011, including the addition of larger and smaller bins to cater for the needs of each household.

Shire Chief Executive Officer Mal Osborne said the changes reflected the community’s need for flexibility in waste collection, and would reduce costs to some households that didn’t require full sized rubbish bins.

“We have many properties that are just holiday homes, and smaller properties that have only one or two residents, particularly retirees, and these households may only need access to the smallest rubbish and recycling bins available,” said Mr Osborne.

‘The availability of smaller green bins, combined with the new larger recycling bins, may also encourage residents to recycle more household waste, reducing the waste going into landfill,” he said

Mr Osborne said charges for the different sized bins would also be varied to reflect a user pays system.

He said Council had voted to increase some waste management collection fees in an attempt to see a cost recovery for its waste collection service.

“Unfortunately, this service, as a self funding operation, does not have the reserves to operate effectively and efficiently in the long term based on the current fee structure. While we acknowledge that some families will be required to pay more in waste management fees, we have tried to reduce the impact of this through the various new bin sizes now available,” he said.

The Shire also agreed to a new pensioner rebate of 25 per cent, down from the previous rebate of 50 per cent. Many pensioners will be able to reduce their bin size which will reduce their annual waste collection fees.

“Again, this is to reflect the actual cost of the service to our ratepayers and ensure we can continue to have a high quality, timely and reliable waste management program that adequately services all residents in the community for the long term,” said Mr Osborne.

New bin sizes and annual fees are as follows:

120 Litre Waste and Recycling (Green and Blue) bins

$210 (combined charge)

120 Litre Waste Bin (Green) and 240 Litre Recycling (Blue) bin

$250 (combined charge)

120 Litre Waste Bin (Green) and 360 Litre Recycling (Blue) bin

$295 (combined charge)

240 Litre Waste and Recycling (Green and Blue) bins

$300 (combined charge)

240 Litre Waste Bin (Green) and 120 Litre Recycling (Blue) bin

$260 (combined charge)

240 Litre Waste Bin (Green) and 360 Litre Recycling (blue) bin

$345 (combined charge)

360 Litre Waste (Green Only) Bin *(not for town residents)


360 Recycling (Blue Only)


Residents will receive a letter from the Shire outlining these new changes over the coming weeks. If a bin size other than the current 240 litre waste or recycling bin is required, each household must inform the Shire. Households will be charged at the default size of 240 litres if they don’t amend their preferences.

*360 green rubbish bins will only be available to those households that do not have access to the Council’s recycling service.