We are excited to announce that we are upgrading to a new Library Management System.

This is great news for you as our new online catalogue is user-friendly and offers great new ways to explore and use our library collections.

Please note there will be some important changes to your membership account. Read on for more information. If you have any questions that are not covered below or are confused, please do not hesitate to contact the library.



Thursday 23rd May - Transitioning between systems

  • We are still open and, you can borrow and return items.
  • Your online account will temporarily be unavailable.

Wednesday 29th May – We Go Live!

  • Please be patient with our staff as they learn to navigate the new system whilst on the job.
  • We will be joined by our peers from the Albany Public Library, who will help us migrate to the new software system.
  • Your eResource account will require 'authenticating' due to the transition to the new system. You will be automatically logged out from your account and must log back in using your membership number and the library's default password: 6450. You will then be able to reset your password.
  • If you haven't borrowed a physical item from the Esperance Library for several years, you may be required to renew your Esperance Library Membership. 


Going live on 29 May 2024, you can easily search and browse the new catalogue, view titles recently added to the Library collection and read accurate descriptions of each item.  


Your user-friendly account will empower you to manage your own loans by yourself! You can:

  • Reserve items for collection from the library
  • View your borrowing history
  • Create alerts for items of interest (e.g. a weekly alert for all new books about Soccer)
  • Write a review of a title
  • Suggest titles to add to the collection.


This can be accessed from your browser or by downloading the SPYDUS app.

Once you have logged on for the first time, please update your password to one of your own choosing.


You can renew your items by logging onto your online account. Items may be renewed provided they are not on reserve, and you have not exceeded the renewal quota—a maximum of 2 renewals per item.

The reminder/overdue SMS notice will include a link, or you can log into your personal account.


You will receive a courtesy reminder message via email and/or SMS three (3) days before the items are due. If you think you may need more time with an item, this is a great time to call or email us to renew it. The reminder/overdue SMS notice will include a link so you can log into your personal account and renew items.

You will receive a notice on the day an item becomes overdue. There is still time to renew or return it. Any borrower with items not returned or renewed after 14 days will receive a second overdue notice. 28 days after the due date, any items not returned or renewed will be considered “Lost.” An invoice will be sent with the charges, and the borrower's account will be suspended.


Our new system will automatically send you updates and notices to advise you on overdue items or reservations for collection. Make sure your contact details are up to date.


Member Accounts will be 'suspended' if an item is overdue by 28 days following its due date. In addition to the suspension, an invoice will be raised against your account automatically for a non-refundable admin fee (currently $25), and item replacement fee/s will be charged (minimum $10 per item). Item fees may be waived if the items are returned in a timely manner, but the administration fee must be paid.

A suspension will mean that you cannot borrow or reserve items from the collection and will also restrict your access to Library eResources.

This is avoidable by returning or renewing your loaned items. Once your account is suspended, you can regain your borrowing rights by paying your outstanding fines and (if possible) returning your 'lost' items.


How do I join the Esperance Library?

  • Complete the membership form online [LINK] and visit the library within 28 days with photo identification and proof of local address.
  • Visit the Library and complete our membership form. Photo identification and proof of address must be supplied.

Your Library Card must be collected in person from the Esperance Library.

Can I be a member if I don’t have a mobile or email address?

Of course! While we prefer other methods of contact for their efficiency, it is always great to talk to a real person, so we are more than happy to call you in lieu of sending out notices.

How do I log in to my account?

From the end of May 2024 the SPYDUS app will enable our patrons to access their membership account from their devices.

The SPYDUS mobile library app is free to download from your preferred app store:

  1. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Look for the SPYDUS logo and ensure you have selected the correct app to install on to your device.
  3. When you first open the app you will see a list of libraries to choose from – select Esperance Library or use the search bar.
  4. Login to your account using your Library card number and PIN/Password.

What should I do if I get logged off my e Resource accounts?

Log back in using your library card number and default password: 6450.

If this does not work, please contact the library to check your membership status. If you haven't borrowed physical items from us in several years, we may need to refresh your membership.

What should I do if I have an Esperance Library Card but no longer live in Esperance?

Sorry to see you go! As you are no longer eligible for membership of the Esperance Library we highly recommend that you join your local library.

If you are still based in WA, consider joining the State Library of WA so you can continue to enjoy access to the same eResources. Or, consider moving back to Esperance, it’s a great place with an excellent Library  :)

Will I be charged a fee if my item is overdue?

We stopped charging fines for overdue items several years ago as they have an exclusionary impact: we didn’t want overdue item costs to discourage people from using our library resources.

Items will only accrue fees once they are 28 days overdue and reclassified as 'Lost'. Here, a non-refundable administration fee (currently $25) and a 'Lost' item fee (minimum $10 per item) will be charged.

My item is lost/missing/damaged what should I do?

We love seeing our items borrowed and enjoyed, occasionally the regular use of our items will result in loss or damage caused by the rough-and-tumble of life - especially items loaned from the children's section!

Please let us know if this is the case, and our staff will work with you to make a plan and ensure that your account is not suspended and that an administration fee is avoided.

What can I do if I have reached the maximum renewal amount but still use the item?

We are glad that you are finding the item useful. Please contact the Library and have a chat with the staff, we will negotiate custody arrangements.

How do I pay my fine/fee?

Please visit the Library and speak to our friendly staff who will assist you with your account queries.

What if I no longer need my reservation?

It is ok to change your mind. Contact the Library, and we will take the item off reserve so that other patrons have the opportunity to enjoy it.