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New Esperance Jetty


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New Esperance Jetty

At an Ordinary Council Meeting held on 27 March 2018 a tender for the Detailed Design Development for the New Esperance Jetty was awarded to H+H Architects.

The Jetty Detailed Design Process highlights the milestone steps included within the project. The step coloured red is where we are now; this flowchart will be updated as we move through the process.

H+H Architects presented Detailed Design Drawings to Council and the Jetty Replacement Working Group for review prior to presenting these to the Heritage Council in early May 2019. The presentation is available here, please note the Detailed Design Drawings in the presentation demonstrate the design and intent of the new jetty however they are not construction drawings. The Shire received confirmation on the 23rd May from the Heritage Council supporting the proposed Detailed Design of the replacement jetty. 

The May Ordinary Council Meeting saw Council presented with two items. One to consider the advice received from the Heritage Council on the Tanker Jetty deconstruction methodology and the second item outlined the Jetty Replacement Process set out by the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. Both items were supported by Council.

In June the Minister for Heritage, the Hon David Templeman issued a Section 64 Certificate. The Permit allows for the deconstruction of the Esperance Tanker Jetty to occur and stipulates the construction of the replacement jetty to be as per the Detailed Design approved by the Heritage Council. There are a number of conditions included in the Permit which the Shire of Esperance must satisfy, with the final result ensuring the Esperance Community will have a Replacement Jetty.

 As per the agreed Ten Step Process the issuance of the Section 64 meant the Shire could prepare and release a tender for the construction of a replacement jetty. The tender was subsequently released on the 27th July, with the closure date being the 2nd September.  There were multiple tenders received from three tenderers. This included compliant tenders and alternatives. The Esperance Shire Council awarded the construction of the Replacement Jetty tender to Maritime Constructions at a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 1 October 2019. 


Jetty Detailed Design Process

Stakeholder Consultation (Completed)

The first stage of the Design Process is Stakeholder Consultation which includes Council, the Jetty Replacement Working Group, State Heritage Services and the Heritage Council of WA.

The Tanker Jetty is a State Registered heritage asset and the design of the New Jetty will need to acknowledge its past significance. Director of H+H Architects, Julie de Jong, has answered some frequently asked questions about the design of the new Jetty, and how heritage values can be acknowledged.

​Review Previous Information (Completed)

H+H Architects review the existing information about the Esperance Tanker Jetty and the replacement jetty so far. This includes the Tanker Jetty's history, survey and workshop results and structural reports. 

Develop Draft Concept (Completed)

Following completion of stages one and two, H+H Architects entered the drawing room to develop a draft concept. Once the draft concept was completed it was reviewed by the Jetty Replacement Working Group and the Council after completing a 21 day commentary period where the Esperance community were given an opportunity to comment. The draft concept acknowledges how our social and heritage values were captured in the design while providing an indication of what the jetty will look and feel like. After it was endorsed by the Jetty Replacement Working Group and Council, the draft concept was developed into the Final Concept Design.

The comment period was open for 3 weeks and invited the Esperance Community to provide input on the Draft and participate in a survey indicating if the design was acceptable. Two surveys were undertaken, one was a Control Group survey that was sent to 2000 randomly selected addresses of Esperance Residents and/or Rate Payers, the second survey was Opt-in, containing the same questions and available to everyone and anyone. The results in both the Opt-in and Sample Group surveys reflected overall support for the Draft Concept Design, with 79.5% in support from the Online and Hard Copy Opt-in Survey and 83.9% in support from the Control Group Survey. The number of valid surveys returned were 1096 Opt-in surveys and 403 Control Group surveys (duplicate surveys were removed and have not been included in these figures).

The full results from both surveys are publicly available.

Research Solutions Survey Report

Responses Open Ended Questions 

Develop Final Concept Design (Completed)

H+H Architects have worked on the Final Concept Design based on the feedback received from the community. The Final Concept Design Report was presented to the Jetty Replacement Working Group and the Esperance Shire Council in January 2019 before going to the Heritage Council in February 2019. Many new elements were worked into the design as a result of the community survey and recommendations from the Jetty Replacement Working Group. This design was supported by the Heritage Council, the Jetty Replacement Working Group and Council and H+H Architects can now work on Developing the Draft Detailed Design.

Develop Draft Detailed Design (Completed)

H+H Architects have completed the Detailed Design. This will then taken back to the Jetty Replacement Working Group for support before being referred to the Esperance Shire Council for endorsement. The deconstruction methodology for the Esperance Tanker Jetty was also forwarded to The Heritage Council for review, support was provided with recommendations that were later endorsed by the Shire Council.

Develop Final Detailed Design (Completed)

Once the Draft Detailed Design was endorsed the Final Detailed Design was presented the Jetty Replacement Working Group for support before being referred to the Esperance Shire Council for endorsementt. It was then referred to the Heritage Council of WA who approved the design. The design was used for the tender for the construction of a replacement jetty.

Detailed Design Drawings

Esperance Tanker Jetty Drawing List

Interpretive Cover Sheet

Site Plan

Interpretive Site Location Plan

Jetty Section Type 1

Jetty Section Type 2

Jetty Section Type 2

Jetty Section Type 3

Jetty Section Type 4

Jetty Section Type 4

Typical Pile Frame Details

Typical Balustrade Details

Typical Fishability Details

Interpretive Element 1

Interpretive Element 2

Interpretive Element 3

Interpretive Element 4

Interpretive Element 5

Interpretive Element 6

Interpretive Element 7

Interpretive Element 7b

Interpretive Element 7c

Interpretive Element 8

Interpretive Element 9

Interpretive Element 10

Interpretive Element 11