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Local Heritage Survey


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Local Heritage Survey

Love local history? Then settle in for a thrilling read!

The original 1996 Shire of Esperance Municipal Heritage Inventory - a record of local post European settlement historic sites - has recently been updated as required under the Heritage Act 2018 to form the draft 2021 “Local Heritage Survey”.


What is a Local Heritage Survey?

This local heritage survey is a survey of places and areas in the Shire of Esperance which have been identified as having cultural heritage significance.

A review of a local heritage survey is intended to:

  • Ensure that the existing Survey meets the minimum standards, and to bring the findings into line with these standards if deficient; and
  • Review changes in the local heritage in the preceding period such as demolitions of places, changes in their condition, or the availability of other new information.

Inclusion of a place or area in this local heritage survey alone does not mean that a property is ‘heritage listed’. The listing of places and areas of heritage significance in the Local Planning Scheme is a separate process under the Planning and Development Act 2005 that is informed by this local heritage survey.


Part 1

This component of the local heritage survey introduces the survey and provides context on how and why it has been prepared. This section also contains a thematic history which provides information about:

  • Important time periods for the area;
  • Why people settled;
  • How people moved, made a living and socialised together;
  • Community efforts and civic structures;
  • Outside influences; and
  • People who left their mark on the history of the community.

The thematic history is not intended to be a definitive history of the area. It provides a brief yet comprehensive account reflecting aspects of the history of the Shire of Esperance from its beginnings to the present.

Part One - Shire of Esperance Local Heritage Survey      (Please note this is a large file and may take time to download)

Part 2

This component of the local heritage survey contains the place record forms for each site in the Local Heritage Survey. These place record forms contain the following information, as applicable and where available:

  • Common names, uses, physical addresses, coordinates, ownership and any associated State Heritage listings;
  • Construction details including date of construction, builder and architect;
  • A brief assessment of what contributes to the historical significance of each individual place; and
  • A description of the history behind each place including photographs.

In some cases, reliable information about a particular place can be quite limited, however as further information becomes available it will be included in future updates and reviews.

Part Two - Shire of Esperance Local Heritage Survey     (Please note this is a large file and may take time to download)


Hard copies of the 700 + page draft Local Heritage Survey are available for viewing at the Esperance Museum, the Esperance Public Library and at the Shire of Esperance Planning Services counter. The complete Local Heritage Survey is also freely available in PDF form from links above.

For further information, please contact Planning Services on (08) 9071 0674 or via email at