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Town Centre Revitalisation


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James Street Precinct

This project aims to enhance the James Street experience for the community and visitors and to identify opportunities to make the precinct economically sustainable and active.

The Town Centre Revitalisation Masterplan was finalised in 2015. Since then a number of projects have been undertaken including the Parking Strategy and a CBD Landscaping Plan that has started to be rolled out within the CBD area. The James Street Precinct Concept Plan is the next project to build on the Masterplan.

The Masterplan identified a number of additional uses that should potentially locate within the James Street Precinct including;

  • Esperance Public Library
  • Esperance Visitor Centre
  • community facilities
  • gallery
  • markets space
  • arts & crafts and
  • Museum Village business activities.

This isn't a definitive list, but an example of the activities that would best activate the precinct and support each other through co-location.

We want to hear from you! The Shire and Councillors want to better understand how the community envisage this space working, and what activities could be located within it over time.

The catalyst for undertaking this work is the current need to consider a renewal of the Esperance Public Library and a proposal Council received inn 2019 to consider relocating the Visitor Centre to a location in close proximity to the Museum. 

The current round of community engagement is predominantly focussed on the stakeholder groups that could potentially be impacted by any decisions made around James Street, however it is important that all community members get the opportunity to be involved.

Round 1 Consultation
Tuesday 15 September, 2020 
Esperance Civic Centre.

The key outcomes being sought are:
What you already love about the area?
What you would like to see included or improved within the area for locals?
What should be included or improved to attract and retain visitors?

Please complete a James Street Precinct Conversation Engagement Booklet and email to or drop it into the Shire office by Sunday 27 September, 2020.

The outcome of this study is an identification and layout for the future uses of the James Street Precinct along with a staging plan for delivery.

More consultation opportunities will be available in the coming weeks. 

Question & Answer

Why is the Shire doing this?

The Shire is looking to develop a plan for the whole of the James Street area to guide future development to ensure community outcomes are maximised.

When is public consultation happening?

Preliminary consultation has commenced with key stakeholder groups (predominantly groups actively involved with activities or facilities already located in James St or activities located elsewhere that are identified as potentially relocating at some point in the future. The first round of engagement directly with the consultants is occurring across the 14th and 15th of September.

How can we have our say?

The initial option is at a community forum at 6.30pm on Tuesday the 15th September being held at the Civic Centre. Further opportunities will be advertised.

Are you going to knock down the CWA hall?

There are no plans to knock down the CWA Hall.

Will we still have a park?

Green space is identified as an important element of the James Street Precinct within the original masterplan.

What is happening to Museum Village?

The Museum Village is not actually within the study area. The original masterplan does identify the potential for the business activities currently occurring to relocate into James Street, however this was aimed at those activities that are complimentary to the broader vision of the precinct. There would be those that have a tourism or arts and crafts focus, although decisions around whether activities such as the Esperance Visitor Centre are relocated (and when) would obviously impact.

Documents & Maps

Esperance Town Centre Revitalisation Master Plan 2015-2035

Study Area is identified in the map below