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Group Bookings and Enquiries


Do you have a question about an item within the collection? Are you seeking information? If so please complete the Museum Enquiry form and return it to the Museum.

Please be aware that the Museum is staffed by volunteers who only work limited hours each week. The volunteers are not able to provide a full research service and can only provide a brief overview of the items that are within the Esperance Museum collection. However, if you are visiting Esperance you could make an appointment to access the records and conduct the research you require. We will acknowledge your enquiry upon receipt and aim to provide you with a more detailed response within 4 weeks.

Group Bookings

The Museum is open daily from 1:30pm to 4:30pm. If you would like to visit outside of these hours please complete the Group Booking form and return it to the Museum. We do ask for two (2) weeks notice so that arrangements to open can be made.