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The Future of Waste Management in Esperance


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The Future of Waste Management in Esperance

Updated 13 October 2021

Community Drop Off & Waste Transfer Facility

At the May 2021 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council identified the current Myrup Truck Wash and Liquid Waste Facility as the preferred site for a future Community Drop-Off & Waste Transfer Facility, where sorting and processing of local waste will take place, significantly minimising the amount of waste that will then be transported to Coolgardie’s landfill.

The Myrup site will provide a centralised location for all waste streams, receiving both residential and commercial waste, offer a community drop-off service, and a recycling centre.

These additional waste sorting processes will ensure greater efficiencies over what ends up in landfill, as well as potential cost recovery and income streams for our local operations.

The Waste Transfer Facility will incorporate collecting, sorting, processing, compacting, and then loading of the final residual materials for transportation to Coolgardie.

Additionally, the site will also have the capacity to host a Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) processing facility, if Council adopts it in the future.

The Myrup Community Drop-off & Waste Transfer Facility will have the ability to accommodate the following: 

  • General waste;
  • Recycling; (MRF)
  • Construction & demolition materials; 
  • Commercial & industry materials;
  • Household hazardous waste;
  • Special waste;
  • Truck wash & liquid waste;
  • FOGO*;
  • E-waste;
  • A tip shop; & an
  • Education/Info center


A concept layout (draft only/design may change) of the Myrup Community Drop-off & Waste Transfer Facility can be seen below.

What’s the next step?

The Shire will engage a suitably qualified consultant to develop a detailed concept design and costing of the Myrup Community Drop-off & Waste Transfer Facility.

The Shire will apply to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage to have the vesting purpose of Reserve 51287 amended to include the uses of ‘waste transfer and composting’. 

Commence the application process for a Works Approval with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for a Waste Management Facility to be licenced at the Myrup site.

The Future of Waste Managment in Esperance Q&A

*Although this site will have the capacity to conduct all operations centrally, decisions on matters relating to green waste mulching, dirty MRF and FOGO will need to be formally decided by Council in the future.

Updated: October 2021


At the May Ordinary Council Meeting, the Esperance Shire Council resolved to enter into an agreement with the Shire of Coolgardie to deliver Esperance’s waste to the Coolgardie Waste Facility.

The Shire has determined that the most cost effective method of waste disposal at this time is cartage to Coolgardie with disposal at their landfill facility. A high level cost analysis undertaken by an international consultancy firm showed that this was a more cost effective option than purchasing land and developing our own landfill within the Shire.

The 30-year agreement, commencing December 2022, will see Esperance’s waste compacted and transported 380km to Coolgardie’s landfill.

What’s the next step?

• Once the contract is signed, the Myrup Waste Management Facility needs to be designed, licensed and constructed so that residual waste can be sorted and then compacted into trailers for transport and disposal to Coolgardie.

For an informative ‘question & answer sheet’ relating to Council’s recent decisions on waste, click here.

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