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Stand-Up Comedy Course & Graduation

Did your Family or Friends tell you that your funny?

Did your Teacher tell you that you were the Class Clown?

Does your Boss tell you to stop telling stories and get back to work?

Do you Day Dream and have Creative Ideas?

If you answered Yes to one of the above or you are simply inquisitive and looking to Up-skill and do some Self Development, Anthony Lamond's Stand Up Comedy Workshop With Performance is the right choice for you.

Anthony Lamond is one of Australia's hardest working and much admired Stand Up Comedians having Hosted and Produced over 750 Shows all around Australia including Comedy Gold which regularly visits Esperance.

He has produced shows and shared the the stage with high profile comedians such as Dave Hughes, Jimeoin, Fiona O'Loughlin, Peter Rowsthorn, Cal Wilson, Merrick Watts, Lawrence Mooney, The Old Fella, Chris Franklin, Heath Franklin, Bob Franklin and any other Franklin that has done Stand Up Comedy.

He has a huge respect and understanding on the craft of Stand Up Comedy as in his eyes it is one of the last forums of free speech and laughter brings our communities together.

The audience always leaves happier than when it arrives.

His Comedy Workshop is not a competition to find the best comedian rather it’s about helping and developing each individual becoming more confident and having more self belief with themselves

What Will I Learn?
You will learn plenty as there is a full day workshop which will cover the following topics.
1) The science of laughter and why we laugh.
2) Developing a character for stage.
3) Sourcing material and writing it for yourself.
4) Stage Craft, how to walk and perform on stage.
5) Microphone technique, are you being heard??
6) Shaping, editing and finalising your material
7) Develop a 2-5min routine
8) Producing your own show and building an audience, an insight into the Comedy Industry and finding your place.
At the completion of the Workshop you will present your routine to a live audience which will be your graduation performance.
At the completion of the show you will be presented onstage a Certificate that recognizes your achievement.

How will the course benefit me?
There are a number of reasons that doing the workshop/performance will benefit you such as.
1) Self Belief and Confidence.
2) Growth and Development.
3) Expression - How to take your life experiences good or bad and find the funny in them.
3) Learning new skills which will help you for any public speaking occasion.
4) Learning how to present and influence others.
5) Connection - Your graduation performance will be bringing your local community together which will
allow them to engage and share a laugh, bringing joy to their lives.

Registration for the Workshop 

OR email: to express you interest - we only have 5 spots left

Cost: None

Graduation performance tickets

Event cost 
Event date 
Saturday, 9 July 2022 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event location 

Esperance Civic Centre

Council Place
Esperance WA 6450
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