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The Highwaymen


Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson - four towering giants in the music industry

Collectively as THE HIGHWAYMEN, the quartet has a unique connection to Australians that has only strengthened over the last two decades. THE HIGHWAYMEN toured Australia in 1991 and 1995, playing Newcastle, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, attracting hundreds of thousands to their concerts and appearances and generating an excitement rivalled only by that of The Beatles.


Small Voices Louder

Small Voices Louder is a child-only space for playing and pondering. It’s a magical world of tents and teepees where kids lie under clouds, talk to an alien, discover a dinosaur egg and step into a portal to the future. It’s a space for dreaming, wondering and talking about the bigger things in life.

It is also a recording space, where kids’ answers are turned into soundtracks for adult ears to stop and listen to. We believe that children, sometimes, are exactly what the world needs to hear. And adults don’t listen enough.


Tenori Timeless

David Kidd, Craig Atkinson and Andrew Pryorare known for their stylish, unique and often hilarious takes on songs from the worlds of Opera, Music Theatre, Pop and Jazz.

Individually, they have beautiful voices. Together they sing like the band of brothers they are, with the camaraderie and precision that more than a decade of harmonising together can bring. 

Why do some songs stand the test of time? 

David, Craig and Andrew share a classic collection of songs that remain as current as the day they were written.


Elli Schoen, Dan Howls & The Wolfgang

Elli  Schoen

Unearthed Winner for Falls Festival in Fremantle 2018

With her exquisite melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and powerhouse husky voice, Elli Schoen is one of the most promising young acts to emerge from Fremantle’s rich music scene. Drawing on deeply personal experiences of love, friendship and heartbreak, her beautifully-crafted songs are driven home by arresting vocals – and spliced with hilarious on-stage banter.


Comedy Gold

Comedy Gold delivers a knockout experience of the finest stand-up Comedians Australia has to offer.

Award winning comedians have been carefully selected to entertain audiences of both genders and all ages 15+.

It’s a three generation show, Grandma should be there with her Children and Grand Children.  The content is edgy but doesn’t cross the line. It’s that type of show.

2018 Lineup:

Lindsay Webb

Josh Warrior

Bob Franklin

Rory Lowe


Over the Fence - Comedy Film Festival

Over the Fence Comedy Short Film Festival is coming to You!

We say 'anything can be said with an excellent  sense of humour' And short filmmakers around the world have delivered - excellently!

In 2018 we give you the curious, cheeky &  amazing views of 15 filmmakers from around the world, as they explore the peculiarities of being human…  

Our theme for the 2018 is ‘The (Un) Making of Relationships.’

So, here's what's waiting for you:


Celtic Illusion

The much-anticipated family event of 2018, Celtic Illusion is the biggest dance and magical illusion sensation that has been taking Australian audiences by storm.

The show for ALL ages cleverly fuses awe-inspiring contemporary Irish Dance with mind-blowing magic and Grand Illusions, and has now returned for a one-night show. With incredible new choreography, spellbinding magic, heart-racing music and a sensory experience like no other, audiences will be kept on the edge of their seats!


Josephine Wants To Dance

From the award-winning duo of Diary of a Wombat comes another hilarious tale of a bush animal you'll never forget. Josephine is a kangaroo - who loves to dance. Her little brother, Joey, tells her that kangaroos don't dance, they hop - but Josephine doesn't care and continues to point her toes and leap through the air.


Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow 2018

Australia’s largest comedy festival is packing up and ready to roll into Esperance! Join the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow as it journeys around Australia, home-delivering hot and tasty comic treats to audiences near and far.

Featuring fantastic funnymakers from Australia and beyond, the Roadshow has it all. It’s stand-up, sketch, satire, silliness and song – all in one side-splitting show!


Captain Active

Activeland’s most famous superhero, Captain Active, brings his unbridled energy and enthusiasm to the stage, to deliver this highly interactive, inspirational and entertaining show. ‘Captain Active’s Awesome Active Adventure’ will spark the audience’s imagination, by taking them on a 60 minute adventure from Activeland to Australia, in a bid to overcome the evil, unhealthy habits of his arch nemesis Lazy Cray Cray!