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Western Australia’s leading jazz musicians, Swinging at the Savoy, have come together to celebrate the untold stories of great swing era performers. ‘The Stories of Swing’ unveils the captivating tales behind Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong as they discovered their voices and shaped the history of music.

Joined, on stage by some ridiculously energetic swing dancers this high paced night of exceptional music and gripping stories will have you cheering for more.



CATCH! is an action-packed, interactive adventure for little ones, their families & their friends…that uses balls and play to tell a story about making friends and overcoming your fears.  

Circus, theatre & puppetry meet in this high energy, playful and imaginative take on our love of sport and all things sporty. Our cast jump, roll, bounce and throw as they learn to ‘look before they leap’ while ‘having a ball’!!  CATCH! is all about making friends and becoming a team.


CARMEN - WA opera live simulcast



The Sapphires


The Sapphires is a multiple award-winning musical play and film that is coming to the Esperance Civic Centre ... for the first time.


Erth's Prehistoric World

Travel to the bottom of the ocean to discover ancient bio-luminescent creatures and marine reptiles, then back to dry land to witness some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have ever walked this Earth. Renowned the world over for their theatrical magic and for pushing the limits of design, content and experience, Erth’s Prehistoric World is a fusion of the highly successful Dinosaur Zoo and Prehistoric Aquarium. Experience the creatures of your imagination coming to life on stage in this enthralling new show!


The Sapphires

The Sapphires is a heart-warming tale inspired by the true story of Tony Brigg’s mother. Set in 1968 during landmark changes to Aboriginal rights, it tells the story of a singing group of four young Yorta Yorta women, discovered by a talent scout at St Kilda’s Tiki Club. He convinces them to tour Vietnam to sing soul and Motown songs for the troops and it becomes a life-altering trip to the depths of war and back again.



Perth Symphony Orchestra believes that music is for everyone and this is why we developed S.T.R.I.N.G.S, a quartet gone rogue!

Come with Perth Symphony and delve into the rarely seen world of a string quartet. Usually only sited in the concert hall you will have the unique experience of observing them in their natural environment, the rehearsal room.


Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow

Strap yourself in Australia! The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is hitting the highways to home-deliver the freshest and funniest from the 2022 Festival to neighbourhoods across the nation.

For 24 years the Roadshow has presented an all killer, no filler line-up of Australian stars and talented newcomers to comedy fans far and wide.


Celtic Illusion Reimagined

Celtic Illusion combines a fusion of contemporary Irish dance and music with grand scale illusions, thus making it a unique performance concept that sets it apart from all other dance shows.
From the very second the lights go down the audience embarks on an adventure where anything is possible and the world of dreams becomes reality. You will be instantly captivated with the first magical appearance of the lead dancer surrounded by the cast on a raised platform. This feat sets the tone for the rest of the show – you should expect surprises at every twist and turn.


Don't mess with the Dummies

Winning Best Children’s Event award at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021, this is an extraordinary adventure you just can’t miss. Lions and tigers and Dummies, oh my! Set up camp and stampede into the jungle for an outlandish, circus filled extravaganza that will leave you chuckling like a monkey and roaring for more.