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Esperance Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment


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Esperance Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment

The Greater Sports Ground Redevelopment is a long term plan for the Greater Sports Ground. It will allow for continued growth and accommodation of the multi-sports activities that utilise the facilities and open spaces and the co-location of a number of significant sporting groups. The changing needs of a diverse community will inform and determine future development of this central sporting area. 

Within the Greater Sports Ground the redevelopment of the Esperance Indoor Sports Stadium has been identified as a priority project. This Project is for the construction of a new indoor sports stadium in Esperance to meet national and State competition standards and provide expanded and improved facilities for sporting activities, sports administration, temporary camping overflow and regional events. The new indoor sports stadium will also be used for major non-sporting events in Esperance including the annual Agricultural show. the Indoor Sports Stadium project budget is $7.8m, broken up into 2 stages.

A tender has been awarded to local contractor Sime Building Company for a four court stadium. The project is fully funded with assistance from the State Government with $4.06 million from the Goldfields Esperance Revitalisation Fund under the Royalties for Regions program, $723,000 from the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries’ Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF), and $3.58 million from Council. The selection of the forth court meant Council increased their contribution by $533,825

Stage 2 is $580k, which is the redevelopment of the Noel White Pavilion. Stage 2 has not currently received any funding, should no funding be made available Council resolved to underwrite the project.

Specifically, the project will deliver a new facility in Stage 1 comprising:

  • Three or four indoor courts suitable for state level competition;
  • Kiosk and kitchen facilities;
  • Match day facilities;
  • Change-rooms (that cater for the future four courts and additional overflow camping);
  • Storage space for user's equipment; and
  • New car parking spaces.

Stage 2 will deliver the redevelopment of the Noel White Pavilion:

  • Re-clad the Noel White Pavilion Roof including insulation;
  • Provide sports administration space;
  • Community meeting rooms;
  • Additional office space for the Agriculture Society;
  • Club / function room;
  • Refurbish kitchen; and
  • Additional storage space for users.

During the planning process for the upgrades to the exisiting Indoor Sports Stadium some structural issues were identified. A review of the structure, Structural Strengthening of Esperance Basketball Stadium, was  completed by Duncan J Jack, Consulting Engineer after concerns were raised during proposed extension works.   

Project Updates

Turning of the Sod 6 May 2019

Turning of the Sod to celebrate the commencement of the project included the Hon Mick Murray MLA, Shire President Victoria Brown, Graham McKenzie - President Indoor Stadium Management Committee and David Sime - Sime Building Managing Director. Work on the Indoor Sports Stadium commenced with the site being fenced off to allow work to be completed safely. 




Sime Building Company were the successful tenderer to construct the four court Indoor Sports Stadium. A number of local contractors will also be involved in bringing the new Indoor Sports Stadium to the Esperance Community. This includes Sime Building Company; Wells Building Design; Ballantyne Earthmoving; Stewarts Engineering; Parker Engineering; Thermoair; Esperance Freight Lines; Holcim Esperance; Coastal Glass and McKenzie's Electrical.


Earthworks underway 21 May 2019

The first fortnight of work saw a significant amount of earthworks undertaken for the Southern Carpark Extension and the Stadium Building foundation. Work to move existing and install additional utility services commenced including the laying of power conduit and relocation of storm water and potable water infrastructure. Work on the swale being constructed along the bowling club fence line was also commenced.


Ground Works 7 June 2019

The Esperance Indoor Sports Stadium Project is moving along with a significant amount of ground works being completed. The following has been achieved.

  • The Southern swale is well underway with some services being reinstated with new route/depth due to depth and position of swale. 
  • Clean fill has been transported to the site to achieve the footing levels needed for the sports stadium and amenities buildings. 
  • Surveying of gridlines and set out. 
  • Comprehensive compaction testing. 
  • Existing asbestos piping has been removed. 
  • Electrical conduits and cabling has been installed to the tennis court clubrooms. 
  • CPE specialists installed CT metering on the Site Main Switchboard. 
  • Installation of stormwater to eastern side of existing building



Ground Works Continue 18 June 2019

The following has been achieved.

  • Set out, excavation, compaction  and concreting of Pad footings for the Stadium were completed.
  • Clean fill imported and compacted to achieve under slab level for the sports stadium buildings.
  • Hydraulic contractor excavated & installed deep sewer line which extended from the Water Corporation junction in the south east corner of the site through to the amenities building.
  • Electrical contractors have completed the changeover of the new mains power to the tennis club. Now the power is sourced from the SMSB behind the Ports clubroom.
  • Structural steel shop drawings completed and currently reviewed by engineer.
  • Offsite works in the structural steel fabrication shop preparing stadium column components and cleats.



Concreting Works 2 July 2019

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • Final earthworks trim completed for stadium slab
  • Formwork completed for main stadium floor slab
  • Utility laying as prelay completed under main stadium floor slab
  • Concreted 1/8 of a section of the main stadium floor slab. Concreting will be completed in 8 stages
  • Continue with storm water, water, fire and sewer installation around the southern carpark
  • Fabrication works for the structural steel work are being progressed.
  • Tilt Panel shop drawing are being progressed



Concreting Works 15 July 2019

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • Formwork is being completed for the stores areas ready for pouring this week.
  • Stadium concrete slab has been completed approx. 3500 m2.
  • 2 Fire Hydrant block walls completed.
  • Installation of electrical and communications conduit prelay in the amenities area has commenced.
  • Hydraulic contractor has completed all the major services - stormwater, water, fire, gas and sewer installation around southern carpark areas.
  • Fabrication of structural steel work continued off site with portals for the Stadium being fabricated ready for painting.
  • Tilt Panel plan is being prepared.
  • WorkSafe Notified for tilt panel manufacture proposed commencement 22 July 2019.



Electrical Works 31 July 2019

Works completed over the last fortnight:

  • Reticulation & electrical services relocated at southern swale for irrigation.
  • Reconnection of electrical feed to switchboard on Black Street.
  • Both electrical & hydraulic prelay completed to the buildings.
  • Concrete slabs for the main building – stadium, stores, foyer & amenities have been completed except one more pour for the wet area.
  • Hydraulic contractor has completed installation with all the major services - stormwater, water, fire, and sewer to the crossover at the Black Street entrance in preparation for the southern carpark.
  • Fabrication of structural steel work continuing off site with cross bracing and rafters for the Stadium being fabricated and painted.
  • Tilt Panel plan is completed with engineer approval.
  • Preparations for tilt panel manufacture has commenced on site.




Concrete Tilt Panels underway 15 August 2019

The project is on schedule and progressing well with significant progression on the tilt panels and structural steel.

Works completed over the last fortnight:

  • Installation of stormwater to perimeter of stadium ongoing.
  • Light poles being installed and wired for southern carpark.
  • Concrete slabs for the wet area poured – all concrete floor slabs now complete.
  • Swale spill entry ways constructed, and matting being installed.
  • Southern carpark road base installed and compacted to design levels.
  • Fabrication of structural steel work continuing off site with completion of rafters and columns in progress. Main sports complex steelwork the focus.
  • 22 Concrete tilt panels manufactured.



Southern carpark is completed 26 August 2019

The project is still on track with handover of the Carpark to happen shortly and the last of the tilt panels to be poured in the next fortnight.

Works completed over the last fortnight:

  • Installation of stormwater to southern end of stadium to accommodate pathways required.
  • Final light poles installed and wired for southern carpark.
  • Both swales have matting completed.
  • Southern carpark bitumen completed.
  • Southern carpark kerbing installed.
  • Fabrication of structural steel work continuing off site, with much of the completed steelwork transported and stored on site.
  • 43 Concrete tilt panels have been manufactured.
  • Natural Gas application being processed.



Carpark Handover 11 September 2019

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • Line marking completed to southern carpark.
  • Finishing of median strip, final trim & clean up to southern carpark area.
  • Exposed aggregate concrete paths to southern area installed.
  • All concrete tilt panels have now been manufactured.
  • Structural steel fabrication & painting ongoing – Columns, rafters, bracing and purlins on site.
  • Continuing installation of mains water and fire line along harbour road boundary.




Tilt Panels Complete 24 September 2019

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • All concrete tilt up panels have been erected on site and are braced in position.
  • Several bays of structural steel forming portal frames have been constructed.
  • Structural steel over the stores area is complete incorporating the concrete panels to steelwork.
  • Structural steel fabrication & painting for the amenities building is ongoing.
  • Continuing installation of mains water and fire line along harbour road boundary.
  • Storm water to existing building ongoing.
  • Sewer rising main for pump station being installed.




Structural Steel Complete 21 October 2019

Works completed in the last fortnight:

  • Final roof purlins installed for the main stadium. 
  • Concrete Panel bolt connections to structural steel completed. 
  • Completed cleaning bond breaker from panels for painting later in project. 
  • Continuing installation of mains water and fire line along harbour road boundary. 
  • Installation continuing for stormwater to existing sports stadium on western side. 
  • Engineering approval to remove tilt panel bracing and structural compliance for stadium steelwork. 
  • Removal of tilt panel braces. 
  • Scaffold access / egress platform completed for safe roof access. 
  • Edge protection installed in preparation for roof safety mesh, insulation and roof sheeting. 
  • Roof safety mesh installed to sports stadium. 
  • Electrical cabling prelay drawn into building conduits on tilt panel walls. 
    • Combined Meeting - SIME & Esperance Shire for access requirements during Esperance Show 
    • Static Guards in place for duration of Esperance Show – for safety and security. 
    • Lighting towers in place for duration of Esperance Show – for safety and security. 


Rood Sheeting Complete 11 November 2019

Roof sheeting is now complete and wall cladding has commenced. The project continues to progress within programme and budget.

  • Roof sheeting & insulation installed to stadium area – final 3 bays to complete.
  • Safety mesh installed to sports stadium walls.
  • Courts marked out to allow positioning of electrical & comms services
  • Electrical and comms cabling prelay continuing for stadium building.
  • Structural steel erection for the amenities building complete except for purlins and girts installed.
  • Stormwater & fire service installed to existing sports stadium running toward north eastern end.
  • Painting – seal coat to top of panels and around openings to prepare for wall sheeting & louvres.



Wall Sheeting Begins 20 November 2019
  • Roof sheeting completed to stadium area.
  • Purlins & Girts completed to the amenities building.
  • Wall sheeting commencing on the stadium
  • Brickwork commencing on amenities building – north end store area.
  • Aluminium door and window frames delivered to site ready for installation.
  • Hydraulic Contractor has completed the stormwater and fire main extension to the western andnorthern face of the existing stadium.
  • Prewire and comms cabling completed for Main Stadium area.


Construction of External Brickwork Begins 16 December 2019
  • Completed Internal brickwork to amenities building.
  • 25 % install of cavity insulation and construction of external brickwork.
  • Electrical prewire to amenities building nearing completion .
  • Mechanical services ductwork installation nearing completion.
  • Hydraulic prelay to amenities building nearing completion.
  • Hard wall plastering 30% completed of 1st coat.
  • Breezeway vent framing installed into concrete panel openings for stadium building.
  • High level stadium lighting completed
  • Removing edge protection and installation of final wall sheeting.
  • Roof safety access system installed.
  • Steel faced exit doors to stadium installed.




Concept Plans & Detailed Design

Concept plans for the redevelopment were completed in 2015 and detailed construction drawings have been finalised. These allowed accurate cost schedules to be developed - an essential inclusion for any grant application. Concept designs are now available for the New Indoor Sports Stadium Plan. A detailed design has been prepared by a local company, Wells Building Designers & Consultants. A final set of construction drawings will shortly be issued to the successful contractor.