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Esperance & Districts Agricultural Show Banners


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Esperance & Districts Agricultural Show Banners

Walk through the history of the Esperance & Districts Agricultural Show

The modern Agricultural Show was first held in 1952 at Hancock’s Hall on Andrew Street. In October 1953 the Agricultural Show expanded and moved to the Bijou Theatre. By 1955 with the show outgrew this venue and moved to the Fresh Air League. The population had increased to about 4,000 by 1964 and had outgrown the Goldfields Road venue, this initiated a move to Black Street. It was here that the Noel White Pavilion would be constructed and the Esperance Agricultural Show, a two-day event, is still held there today. The show is considered to be the most anticipated event on Esperance’s calendar.

Take a walk to see how the show has changed and grown over the years. The Banners highlight the shows historical roots and acknowledge the volunteers who make this event happen annually for the Esperance and surrounding communities. 

Download the Walk of History Information here