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The Esperance Brand


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The Esperance Brand

What is the Esperance Brand?

The development of an Esperance Brand was a Royalties for Regions, SuperTowns initiative. Having a strong brand allows Esperance to stand out from the crowd and draws positive attention to what makes Esperance unique. It is about making the most of future opportunities by creating a strong recognition within our key markets and attracting future population growth and investment to our region.

The Esperance Brand highlights Esperance as a destination of choice to:

  • Attract people to live and seek employment in Esperance
  • Attract investment into Esperance
  • Attract more visitors to Esperance

The brand seeks to differentiate Esperance from other towns, regions and cities from around Australia and creates a lasting impression on those who visit here. In Esperance, we create our own story!

Guidelines to the Esperance Brand

The Esperance Brand reflects the values of Esperance businesses, the tourism industry and the broader community. The Brand includes guidelines and a toolkit, which illustrates how to use the brand and how the brand was developed. Esperance businesses and community members are encouraged to use and support the brand to build a stronger recognition of Esperance to outside markets and potential visitors. 

 A brief on the Esperance Branding Guidelines is available for quick reference.

Where can I access the brand?

If you would like a copy of the Esperance Brand guidelines and logos or to discuss the use of the brand please call the Shire on 9071 0666.