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Esperance Recovery Resource Information Centre

6450 Job Connection

2020 has brought about many challenges for small businesses. The uncertainty experienced, no business could have planned for.

Going into one of the busiest summer season, Esperance businesses are now facing a staff shortage. The Shire of Esperance, ECCI and GEDC are working together to bring awareness to our community.

6450 Job Connection is a marketing campaign that aims to try to connect local businesses with potential staff.

This platform is connected to local jobs available in Esperance.

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Jobs Board  |  Jobs and Skills WA

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We have a series of social media posts that are linking local business to offers, support readily available in Esperance and have produced two videos:

Video 1 aimed at locals and as well as making them aware of the staff shortage encouraging them to look for a second job over summer or to share accommodation or look at renting it out over the summer period.

Video 2 aimed at backpackers or travelers that would like to have a working holiday in Esperance this summer.

Let’s work together and take this opportunity to provide a great experience for our visitors this year #6450jobconnection

The Blue Waters Lodge

The Blue Waters Lodge has been converted to a short term workers accommodation facility by the Shire of Esperance, with assistance from the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission. The intent of the facility is to ensure that businesses are able to continue to recruit employees as they are needed at present.

This facility is being made available due to both the shortage in rental properties currently being experienced in town and the many businesses that have advised they are actively needing additional employees. It is intended to meet the needs of those people that may be working in town for a relatively short period of time and those that require a place to reside while waiting to access a permanent residential property (either through rental or purchase) in town.

As the property was previously run as a backpackers it won’t meet everybody’s requirements, but does provide for a number of individual rooms, with common kitchen, lounge, dining and ablution facilities.

Rooms are available from $150 per week.

For further details and expressions of interest please contact:

Thorp Realty

Shop 2, 83A Sempster St, Esperance WA 6450

(08)9071 7954

6450 Job Connection - Locals Employing Locals

6450 Job Connection - Work in Esperance

Let’s work together and take this opportunity to provide a great experience for our visitors this year #6450jobconnection

ERRIC is a central place where local recovery related information can be shared online. ERRIC was developed after crisis incidents occurred within the Esperance region (2015 Bushfires, COVID).

At this time, ERRIC is a Facebook page, easy for people to follow and for local services to share information onto. ERRIC has the potential to expand into a permanent website (future plan) or shop front if the need arises.  Facebook - @ERRICinEsperance    Instagram - @erricinesperance