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EDRA Sports Star of the Year Awards

Celebrating our local sporting talent and volunteering legends

The Annual Horizon Power Sports Star Awards is a celebration of sport, recognising excellence across all sports in Esperance in five categories:

  • Horizon Power Sports Star of the Year Award
  • Veteran Sports Star of the Year Award
  • Southern Ports Junior Sports Star of the Year Award
  • IGO Volunteer Service to Sport Award
  • DLGSCI Sports Team of the Year Award

Sport Star 2023 will be held on Sunday, 5 November 2023. 

The Judging period will be based on achievements from the 30 September 2022 to the 29 September 2023.

The 2023 nominations close on 13 October 2023 and the nomination package can be downloaded here or is available from the Club & Community Development Officer.

2023 Nominations - Stay Tuned

2023 nominations will be loaded after closing date 13 October 2023.

2022 Nominations & Winners

Southern Ports Junior Sports Star Nominations

Chloe Seivwright

Chloe plays Womens A grade player for Esperance Basketball Association and Coaches a Junior Team, she was also selected for Senior Country Championships.  Some of her achievements this year include Runner Up MVP for Junior Basketball in A Grade girls, MVP for her Junior team.  This year playing for Ports FC she was awarded the Association runner up MVP.


Kostya Dalyight

Plays for Gibson FC, some of his highlights this year have been winning the Tom Quinlivin Medal at Great Southern Carnival, and being named best player for Esperance in Kulin.

He was selected for Country All Stars at CBH Colts Carnival from where he was selected for the CBH Colt side from this he was selected to train with Swan Districts and Claremont for the following Season.


Zane Garraway

As a member of the Esperance Motor Cross some of Zanes achievements include winning Club Champion for 250cc 13-16yrs, and 2nd in Club Champion 125CC, he was the joint winner of Robbie Austin Award – Junior Club Member of the Year.  He completed at WA Junior State Motocross Championship (WAMX) and represents Esperance in the 14MX Development Team.  Zane also competed for Esperance Junior Fire Brigade some of his achievement include being awarded Esperance Junior Champion Firefighter of the Year, Goldfields Zone Championships Runner Up Champion Firefighter, Kellerberin Regional Championships Champion Fireman and WA State Junior Fire Brigade Championships


Charlie Bartlett

Charlie rode for Esperance Motocross some of his accomplishments this year include winning EMCC Championships 125CC Juniors, 2nd EMCC Championships 250CC Juniors, he was the Joint Winner of Robbie Austin Award – Junior Club Member of the Year.  He also competed at WAMX State Motocross Championship Series as both a Junior and Senior and represents Esperance in the 14MX Development Team.  In football for Gibson FC he was selected to play up into Colts division, and for Esperance Basketball Association he was the highest scorer for his age group.


Molly Mackenzie

As a player for the Esperance Netball Association some of Molly’s accomplishments have included being selected for Division 2 All Stars Team, selected to represent Esperance in U16s at regional level and selection for the U16s Regional Team to represent Great Southern for the State Cup in Perth.  Molly was also awarded MVP for her Junior Team.


Koopa Walsh

Koopa plays football and basketball some of his achievements have been Runner Up Fairest & Best Newtown-Condingup FC U16s, he was selected for to play League for NCFC and won a Premiership.  He was also selected for Subiaco Futures and was Vice Captain for the team, represented WA State U16s, and selected to play in Subiaco Colts team.  Koopa plays A Grade basketball and was awarded Year 10 Team Fairest & Best, Association Year 10 Fairest & Best, Fairest & Best for Talent Development Team and Association Year 11 Fairest & Best.


Winner Southern Ports Junior Spots Star

Jordanae Leitu

Jordanae has many achievements in Basketball and Netball, her highlights include selection for the Breakers Talent Development Squad, being awarded Y7/8 MVP for her Team, the Association, Breakers Talent Development Squad and for the Grand Final and was also the Yr 7/8 Highest Point Scorer.  She captained Breakers at both State and Regional Competitions and has been selected for Basketball WAs U14s Country State Team, the Great Southern Team and has been Invited to U14s Future Development Program.  In Netball she has been selected for the Talent Program for the Great Southern, to train as part of the Great Southern State team which has lead to a position on the team.  She has played at the Fuel & Go Championship in Perth, Association Championships in Albany and Country Week for EACS.


DLGSC Team Sports Star Nomination & Winners

14 MX Development Team

Noah Thomas, Ryan Forbes, Zane Garraway, Charlie Bartlett, Tyron van der Walt (posthumous) Alec Watkins.

Some of the achievements this year for 14 MX Development Team have been 14MXD Boot Camps and Clinics, the completed Esperance Motorcycle Club 2022 Club Championship Results, WAMX Western Australian State Motocross Championship (Junior and Senior), the where also eligible for the Australian Junior & Senior Motocross Championship over east but unable to travel.


Horizon Power Sports Star of the Year Nominations

Natalie House

Natalie plays for Ports Football Club, some of her achievements include Runner Up Fairest & Best for Ports FC, EDFA Runner Up Fairest & Best. She was selected to play AFLW for Swan Districts FC and made finals selection, during their season was awarded Best on Ground twice and selected for Swans Senior Women Development Reserves and awarded Best on Ground Award.  Nominated for AFLW draft which lead to an invitation from WC Eagles to train on. Represented Esperance at the Nutrient Ag Country Champs, Rio Tinto division, and awarded Best on Ground, Overall Fairest & Best, selected for Allstars Team and selected for WA State Country team


Tom Edwards

Some of Tom’s sporting achievements as a player for Esperance Hockey Association include being awarded the Fairest & Best for the third season in a row, Captained the Premiership team & is the Association Mens Captain, Has attended Mens Regional Country Week, an invaluable umpire for both Juniors and Senior and a member of EHA Umpire Panel


Zoe Gibson

Some of Zoes sporting achievement as a player for Esperance Hockey Association include being awarded the Association Womens Fairest & Best, Premiership player for Bacchus, Womens Regional Country Week and played in the Premiership team for the Challenge Cup.


Rachel McDonald

As a player for Esperance Hockey Association some of Rachels achievements include being awarded highest goal score for Bacchus Team which she captained and coached and  the Association highest goal scorer.  Captained the winning team for Challenge Cup to a minor premiership and Grand Final Premiership.  Also in Lawn Bowls she has represented Esperance in Inter League 4s in Katanning and Inter League pairs in Kulin, her team won the Esperance Professions Day, Scaddan Ladies Singles Champion, she was Invited to attend Southern Bowling Zone Country Coaching Enrichment Scheme and played in the Grand Final Winning Team of the South East Coastal Ladies Pennants


Horizon Power Sports Star of the Year Winner

Regan Morris

Plays for Newtown-Condingup Football Club, some of his achievements this year have included, Runner Up Fairest & Best – Hepburn Medal, Freddy Curnow Footballer of the Year, Dale Fisher Medal – NCFC Fairest & Best League Player, NCFC Clubs Most Consistent League Player, Berwyn Davies Medal Winner - Best of Ground in the League Grand Final. Selection for the EDFA All Stars Team of the Year 2022, EDFA Best on Ground in the Belt Up Round 2022.


IGO Service to Sports Awards

Adelina Timms – Esperance Netball Association

The junior committee started the season without a President this year. But still with a wonderful group of volunteers. While past committee members were still available to assist in setting up the season, there was one who has been on the EJNA committee for many years stayed on the committee this season in doing so much to ensure junior netballers still had a safe and enjoyable environment to be able to play the sport we all love. She has 4 children, a full time job and still managed to complete all of her volunteered tasks (score sheets, vote cards) as well as reminding the committee each week of tasks that needed to be done to ensure the smooth running of the season.

Once this season, she even had to jump on a game to umpire (and while she isn’t a regular umpire) did a lovely job.

Addie has played netball for a long time in Esperance and we know does a lot for her club Newtown Netball also.


Niccole Cooper – Esperance Hockey Association

This year and over the past few years Niccole has been the Esperance Hockey Association’s President in 2021 and 2022, a Junior committee member, Turf Feasibility committee member.  She has coached Under 17’s and Co-ordinated the Grade.  Niccole is a Junior & Senior Umpire and is a mentor to Junior Umpires. A captain and coach as well as delegate for her own team in the Senior competition.  Niccole has coached teams and umpired, as well as been involved in the overall organisation of Narrogin Junior Carnival and has attended many Women’s Regional Country Week often as team captain.

On top of this, she is always willing and able to put her hand up to help out with anything hockey. She is a calm, level headed leader, approachable and has a good rapport with players, coaches, umpires and spectators alike.


Fiona McDonald - Esperance Netball Association

Fiona has bought a new level of professionalism to our sport and committee.  She has ensured that ENA has a strong governance and facilitated the updates of our constitution and by-laws, along with documenting our policies and procedures.  Discussion on committee is encouraged and decisions made with a level head and determination to ensure fairness.

Fiona is no longer playing but has picked up the whistle and umpires both within the association and for the association at regional tournaments.  She was this year selected to be an umpie at the Netball State Cup.

Fiona represents ENA on a number of committees including EDRA, Great Southern Netball Association and was heavily involved in the winding up of the Goldfields Regional committee with our move to the Great Southern Region, being a member of the Great Southern Working Group.

Fiona is passionate about women’s sport and in particular women supporting each other in sport.  She is empathetic, encouraging and in her catch cry “Plays like a Girl!”

Awards Night Photos

2022 Awards Night Photos will be uploaded shortly.

Previous Sports Star Winners

Service to Sport Awards

Hall of Fame

Jill Bower - 2003

Graham Mackenzie - 2004

Julian Gardner - 2005

Ken Guest (Dec) - 2006

Selma Holthouse - 2007

Wendy Harkness - 2008

Kenneth (Paddy) Rule - 2009

Kathleen & Graham Donovan - 2013

Kevin Hall – 2014

Gail Anderson – 2017

Mike Vickers - 2019

Shane Tobin - 2021 

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