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Dempster/Andrew Street Roundabout Upgrade


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Dempster/Andrew Street Roundabout Upgrade

The Dempster/Andrew Street Roundabout is set to receive an upgrade to help improve safety and traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians using the roundabout.

Roundabout FAQ

What are the issues with the current roundabout?

  • The number of right-angle crashes indicates that the configuration of the roundabout could be improved to reduce the incidence of crashes
  • The current roundabout does not require the driver to alter their course as they go through the roundabout as the road alignment is currently straight, this has contributed to the number of right angle accidents that have occurred
  • The only speed reducing elements are the raised cross walks on the approaches
  • The roundabout island is too small to accommodate the number of vehicles going through it causing confusion and safety issues particularly with drivers who are not familiar with the intersection


What improvements will this project achieve?

  • A larger roundabout will improve circulation through the roundabout
  • Deflection through the roundabout will help reduce the crash rate and severity
  • The pedestrian crossings will be shifted back from the roundabout. This will maintain safe passage for pedestrians and reduce stacking issues within the roundabout
  • Improved lighting for the intersection and pedestrian crossings
  • The limestone walls will be removed and new soft landscaping will be installed as part of the CBD Landscaping Project
  • Creation of a new taxi rank designed to improve access for passengers


Is this project costing rate payers?

No, the project is fully funded under the National Blackspot Program.

Why is this intersection a blackspot?

There have been seven car crashes over the past five years with five of those crashes being right angle, commonly known as a T-Bone. The high number of right-angle crashes is of concern, as generally these should not occur at roundabouts.

Can the money be spent on another project?

No, the funding has been offered to the Shire for this project only. The National Blackspot Program prioritises projects and the funding would need to be returned.

What will the new roundabout look like?

The new roundabout will be similar in construction and size to the roundabout that is located at Dempster and James Street, this roundabout was upgraded a number of years ago.


Landscaping will be commenced once construction works are completed and be combined with a landscaping project happening in Andrew Street.

Staging of Work

The project will commence in May 2019 and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete. The works will be programmed to minimise the impact on businesses and traffic. Traffic management will be in place, with the works done under traffic or outside of the towns busy hours when road closures are required (expected to be mostly on Saturday afternoons, Sundays or during the evenings.)

The following is the proposed staging of works:

  1. Light Poles Relocated – Horizon Power
  2. Temporarily remove raised pedestrian crossing - outside hours
  3. Install temporary crossing points at new locations – outside hours
  4. Corner 1 – concrete and drainage – under traffic
  5. Corner 2 – concrete and drainage – under traffic
  6. Corner 3 – concrete and drainage – under traffic
  7. Corner 4 – concrete and drainage – under traffic
  8. Median islands x4 – under traffic
  9. Centre Island – under traffic/outside hours
  10. Taxi rank – under traffic - temporary taxi area will be created
  11. Asphalt entire roundabout – outside hours
  12. Raised pedestrian crossing reinstalled – outside hours
  13. Line Marking – outside hours
  14. Landscaping – under traffic