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COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiatives


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COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiatives

At the April 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council adopted the $1.23 million COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiative, to support the community, business and ratepayers during the COVID-19 crisis.

Council Resolution O0420-114

That Council:

1. Adopt the COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy.

2. Remove outstanding rates penalty interest from 1 April till 30 June 2020.

3. Waive commercial lease fees and traders permits for 6 months from 1 April 2020 for lessees who apply to the Shire and who meet the JobKeeper criteria as outlined by the Federal Government. 

4. Waive community lease fees for 6 months for lessees who apply to the Shire and can demonstrate that they have been significantly impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

5. Waive community fees and charges for 6 months from 1 April 2020 to those groups who apply to the Shire and can demonstrate that they have been significantly impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

6. Relax the requirement on Policy COR 007: Procurement for 6 months to require one written quote when there is only one local supplier for purchases under $75,000.

7. Amend the Policy COR 007: Procurement to increase the tender threshold to $250,000 in line with recently amended Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations.

8. Conduct a one off residential bulk verge waste collection.  

9. Request the CEO prepare the draft 2020/2021 budget with a 0% rates and fees increase.

10. Request the CEO develop a COVID-19 Recovery Plan for the Esperance community in consultation with the Esperance Incident Support Group. 

Details of each initiative will be provided as they become available.

COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy

To give effect to our commitment to support the whole community to meet the unprecedented challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Shire of Esperance recognises that these challenges will result in financial hardship for our ratepayers.
This Policy is intended to ensure that we offer fair, equitable, consistent and dignified support to ratepayers suffering hardship, while treating all members of the community with respect and understanding at this difficult time.

COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy

Remove outstanding rates penalty interest from 1 April till 30 June 2020

Council have set a relief on interest rates from 1 April 2020 – 30 June 2020.

Property owners having difficulty paying their rates are encouraged to contact the Shire Rates Officers on (08) 9071 0657 to discuss payment arrangements.

These can be paid in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments and are set up using a direct debit system.

Commercial Lease Fees and Community Lease Fees

If you hold a commercial or community lease with the Shire of Esperance and have been significantly impacted by COVID-19, you can apply to have your lease fees waivered for 6 months.

How to apply:

Applications should be made in writing and forwarded to Coordinator Governance and Corporate Support along with relevant supporting documentation. Supporting documentation requirements;

  • Community Groups must provide evidence that they have been significantly impacted by the virus.
  • Commercial Tenants must provide evidence that they meet the criteria for JobKeeper payments or that they have experienced a drop in income of at least 30% as a result of COVID-19.


For further information on applying to waive lease fees, please contact Coordinator Governance and Corporate Support on 08 9071 0672 or email 

One Off Residential Bulk Verge Waste Collection

The one off residential bulk verge waste collection has been scheduled to commence on Monday 25 May 2020. 

The collection will be split up into Two Zones, and will include the town sites of Gibson, Scaddan, Grass Patch, Salmon Gums and Condingup.

What do you need to do?

  • Place items neatly on the verge up to one week prior to collection - no sooner - and no later than the evening prior to collection.
  • Sort your waste into sections on the verge.
    1. White goods/steel, E-waste (computers, TV’s), mattresses;
    2. General household junk collection.
    To ensure maximum waste is recycled, multiple trucks will pass by to collect recyclable items.
  • Do not obstruct footpaths, line of sight, fences, signs, bus stops, poles, bins or create a safety hazard.
  • Items longer than 1.5m can not be collected.

Preventing Litter
Please Remove uncollected items from the verge by Monday 8 June 2020. Waste items left on the verge may be considered as littering.

COVID-19 Safe Practice
Please practice social distancing and good hygiene. Be respectful, do not loiter around properties and only take items if you need them.

What items will be collected?

  • A maximum of 2m3 of waste will be collected from each residence;
  • General junk: toys, clothes, plastic products;
  • Furniture: chairs, mattresses, lounges, beds;
  • Empty fridges, freezers, stoves (doors must be removed for safety);
  • Electrical appliances, computers, TV equipment;
  • Timber, steel pipes, metal (cut into 1.5m lengths and stacked neatly).​

What items will NOT be collected?

  • Tyres;
  • Batteries;
  • Asbestos;
  • Super 6 Fencing;
  • Motor vehicles or parts of;
  • Gas bottles or any flammable liquids;
  • Hazardous materials (oils, chemicals, paint tins);
  • Glass of any kind (including shower screens, windows or outdoor tables);
  • Bricks, tiles, builders rubble, sand, cement, concrete products;
  • Garden rubbish: lawn clippings, tree pruning’s etc;
  • General house hold rubbish: food waste;
  • Items longer than 1.5m will not be collected (roller doors, metal poles, timber etc).

Collection Information

  • Collection start time will be 7am.
  • Each truck will only pass by once.
  • Verge collection will continue throughout the week until all areas have been serviced.

Printable flyer available here.

Zone 1 Locations - commencing Monday 25 May 2020

Zone 2 Locations - commencing Tuesday 2 June 2020


FAQ's - 2020 Verge Side Bulk Waste Collection - Town Areas

Will rural zoned properties be part of the 2020 Kerb Side Waste Collection?

Unfortunately, not at this time. This is a one off residential collection as part of the COVID-19 Business and Community Relief Initiatives. In order to work within budget and time constraints, Council has modelled this initiative on previous collections, which have always only occurred in town areas.

In general, town properties have less ability to self-haul waste to the Wylie Bay Waste Facility. More recently the waste initiative of free entry weekends has largely benefited rural blocks or people with utes and trailers.

The Shire regularly reviews the needs of the community regarding waste management issues and a number of different options regarding bulk waste have been looked at over time. The community is encouraged to contribute ideas for consideration. The best way to do this is in writing or via email, see contact details on our website.

What are my options as a rural landowner?

  • If you get permission from a friend or relative in town, you could leave your waste on their verge. 
  • Many items are free to deliver to the Wylie Bay Waste Facility, for example scrap steel, white goods, TV’s and computers. 
  • Every ratepayer receives 4 waste vouchers per year. Many of the accepted items in the verge collection are free to deliver or a voucher entry can be utilised. 

Wylie Bay Waste Facility - Waste and Recycling Information Flyer

Will you pick up washing machines and clothes dryers?

Yes, these are part of the whitegoods collection and are recycled as scrap steel. All doors should be removed prior to placing on verge for safety.

Will you pick up fridges and old air conditioners? What happens with the gas in fridges/air conditioners?

Fridges and air conditioners will be degassed when they arrive at the Wylie Bay Waste Facility by licensed staff members. The refrigerant is recovered and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. All fridge doors should be removed prior to placing on verge for safety.

Will you pick up green waste / garden waste ie. trees?

Please note green waste and garden waste will not be accepted. This item can be delivered to the Wylie Bay Waste Facility and will be mulched on site.

What happens to items collected?

The Shire aims to keep as many items out of landfill as possible.
Steel, whitegoods, E-waste and other recyclable items will be collected separately and recycled where possible. 
Other waste, that can’t be recycled, will be collected in a waste truck and disposed of at landfill.

What if things are too good for Verge Side pick up

Consider giving your unwanted items a new home by donating to charity e.g. Red Cross, Anglican OpShop and Esperance Care Services. At present these shops are not accepting donations.
Please Do Not Leave items in their collection bins or outside their shops. These local charities will let the community know when they are accepting donations again.

What if unacceptable items are put on the verge?

Any items set out for collection that do not comply with collection guidelines, will not be collected. It is the responsibility of the resident to remove any remaining waste.

Remember that littering or illegal dumping penalties may apply if waste is left on verges from the 8 June 2020, or failure to comply with collection guidelines.

Please review list of accepted and not acceptable items and how to set them out on the verge.


COVID-19 Recovery Plan for the Esperance Community and Businesses

At Tuesday’s Special Council Meeting, Esperance Shire Council endorsed the ‘Shire of Esperance Recovery Plan - COVID-19’ and appointed the Recovery Coordinator and Chairpersons for the Local Recovery Committee and associated Sub Committees.

Council appointed the Manager Community Support Melissa Ammon to the role of Recovery Coordinator and the Manager Development & Statutory Services Paul Clifton to the role of Deputy Recovery Coordinator.

A Local Recovery Committee, Economic Sub Committee and Community Support Sub Committee were also established with the Shire President appointed as presiding member of the Local Recovery Committee.

The following Councillors were appointed to the Economic Sub Committee:

• Cr Shelley Payne

• Cr Basil Parker

• Cr Steve McMullen

Councillors appointed to the Community Support Sub Committee were:

• Cr Jennifer Obourne

• Cr Jo-Anne O’Donnell

• Cr Dale Piercey

The goals of the Shire of Esperance Community Recovery Plan – COVID-19 is to:

Establish and maintain comprehensive local situational awareness of the COVID-19 Pandemic focussing on social and economic impacts.
Ensure recovery activities are coordinated and where possible in line with the existing Shire of Esperance Local Recovery Plan.
Transition the community to a satisfactory post recovery state.

The Economic Sub Committee will lead and inform a local recovery response to address the economic impacts to COVID-19 within the Shire of Esperance. This will include monitoring the effects from a financial and economic perspective and establish immediate actions accordingly, engaging stakeholders to share local intelligence, conduct inter-agency briefings and feedback sessions on the progress of the economic recovery plus other responsibilities.

The Community Support Sub Committee is focussed on the delivery of welfare and support to individuals, families and wider community through the provision of support services inc. mental health, youth, domestic violence, financial support, seniors, disability, emergency accommodation and food, social support, health and relationships, to support the recovery process. This will include liaising with support agencies, identify any community needs that are not being met by existing services, coordinate community activities / programs, conduct inter-agency briefings and feedback sessions on the progress of the community recovery plus other responsibilities.


Shire COVID-19 Relief Initiatives - 29 April 2020

Council Endorses COVID-19 Recovery Plan - 12 May 2020