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Council Policies


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Council Policies

Council Policies

The Shire has developed policies that guide Administration and Council in the efficient management of resources and effective procedures for daily operations.

Each of the adopted policies is contained in the Shire of Esperance Policy Manual

Please see individual policies listed below:

Accommodation in a Caravan

Advertising Signage in a Thoroughfare or Public Place

Applications Lodged by Senior Employees or Elected Members

Approval to Hold a Civic Reception

Arts Collection

Asset Disposal

Asset Management

Attendance at Events

Body Worn Camera

Borrowing of Museum Exhibits

Budget Control

Building and Property Agreements

Bushfire Management


Centenarian Waiver of Rates

CEO Performance Review

Civic Centre Hire Fees Not to be Waived

Code of Conduct Behaviour Complaints Management

Commercial Wildflower Harvesting and Native Seed Collection

Community Engagement

Complaint Handling

Compliance and Enforcement

Computer and Mobile Devices

Conferring of Honours

Corporate Credit Card

COVID-19 Financial Hardship

Crossover Construction

Cultural Protocols

Dealing with Difficult People

Debt Collection

Delegated Authority to Approve Off-Site Signage on Main Road

Dividing Fences

Elected Member Entitlements

Elected Member Professional Development

Elected Member Social Media

Electoral Caretaker Period

Emergency Volunteer and Reserve Services Leave

Equal Opportunity, Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying

Esperance Rural Public Toilet Cleaning

Esperance Tanker Jetty Timber

Execution of Documents and Common Seal Usage

External Committee Representation

Fire Management - Roadside Burning

Geotechnical Testing Requirements for Structures

GPS Fleet Tracking

Gratuity Payment and Farewell Gifts to Employees

Guidelines for Subdivisional Development

Internal Drone (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) Use


Jury Duty

Legal Representation Cost Indemnification

Live Streaming and Recording of Meetings

Local Planning Scheme No. 24 Advertising Requirements

Memorials in Public Places

Method for Determining Climate Zone for Properties Located Outside Esperance Townsite

Mineral Exploration within Land & Road Reserves Managed by the Shire of Esperance

Motor Vehicles

Museum Collection

Museum Village Markets

Non-Refundable External Services Application Fees

Occupational Safety & Health

On-Farm Drainage

Outdoor Eating Facilities in Public Places

Outdoor Personal Training in Public Places

Permanent Road Closures

Presentation of a Shire Plaque of the Council Crest

Private Connections to Shire Drainage


Property Owners Contribution to Underground Power

Public Art

Public Land Asset Strategy

Recognition of Long-Term Service

Records Management

Refusal of Planning Applications

Refuse and Recycling Collection Services

Regional Price Preference

Reserve Funding for Community Halls

Retaining Walls

Risk Management

Road Verge Development

Seasonal Indoor Sports Stadium Fees

Senior Employees

Shark Hazard Response

Small Grants Approval

Sporting Association Ground Fees

Staff Annual and Long Service Leave Management

Staff Entitlements

Staff Retention & Recruitment

Street Entertainers and Busking

Street Tree

Temporary Employment or Appointment of CEO

Termination of Employment

Trading in Public Places

Use and Storage of Presidential Chain

UV, PPE & Clothing

Vandalism Rewards

Volunteer Management

Wind Load Rating

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Use